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2018 Bailey Advance review: Camping & Caravanning

Test Editor Candy Evans takes a look at the new Bailey Advance motorhomes here at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2018, as part of our Club … source


Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) SuperLight SOLO BIVY Review

A review of the Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) Super Light Solo BIVY, its features, and build quality. MLD Claimed Specifications: – For users up to 6’2″ / 185 … source


Official RTR Schedule 2018

In today’s video, I announce the official schedule of the RTR. Some of you can’t come to the entire RTR, so you’re trying to decide when would be the best time … source


Essential Backpacking, Camping Equipment & Items

List of backpacking items: -sturdy footwear (hiking boots)/lightweight sandals -large backpack -small daypack (doubles as a food bag) -fanny pack -compact, … source


2019 Wild Country Zephyros Compact tent review: Camping & Caravanning

David Guest takes a first look at a new, compact version of the popular Zephyros backpacking tent from Wild Country. For every new Camping & Caravanning … source


How to choose a tent: Camping & Caravanning

The magazine team from the Camping and Caravanning Club reveal how to choose the right tent for your camping needs. If you find this video useful, be sure to … source


7 Solar Lights Compared and Reviewed

This video is Part Two of Two Parts of a Review of popular solar-powered lights. The market segment was created by the original Luci light, but, of course, now it … source


Backpacking the Black Forest Trail, Pennsylvania

The Black Forest Trail is one of the hardest trails in PA. Scenic views and overlooks of Pine Creek, plenty of water and great campsites. This place is pretty darn … source


Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper – The Camping and Caravanning Club

Ian Hewlett, Technical Manager from the Club, reviews the Pennine Pathfinder folding camper. source


REVIEW: Living OUT of your van in a Clam Pop-Up Shelter

In today’s video we look at the Clam Pop-Up shelter as an extension of a nomad’s living space. Cars, Vans and even some RVs are so small that to be truly … source

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