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Multi Gear Review 2016



Mil-Tec Backpack Review.wmv

This is my first review and it’s of the Mil-Tec Patrol Backpack Tactical MOLLE Assault Pack 50L. Purchased from Camooutdoor shop through Amazon. source


Gear Review: Thermarest Neoair All Season Sleeping Pad

Getting a good nights sleep can make the difference between enjoying yourself in the backcountry and being miserable. Your choice of sleeping pad plays a big … source


An Overnight Gear Review Part 1.mpg

Testing my new gear and reviewing a tarp shelter designed by werb1961 if interested in purchasing one you can email Bill at source


New Outlander Adventurer 45+5L Backpack Review #JSPOutdoors

New Outlander Adventurer 45+5L The New Outlander 50L Backpack will get you prepared for any outdoor adventure and challenge! It features a brilliant … source


Discover 2017 Backpacking : Hiking Tips Part 1 : The Outdoor Gear Review

Discover 2017 Backpacking : Hiking Tips Part 1 : The Outdoor Gear Review Welcome to Hiking fan Support TOGR with Patreon : Check out our web site for more … source


Winter Bushcraft, Survival and Camping Questions | #AskPaulKirtley 41

Welcome to Episode 41 of #AskPaulKirtley, where I answer questions about carbon monoxide and winter shelters, candles for quinzhees, snow shelter … source


Bushcraft Camping Part 5, Chilling Snowstorm hits Campers

A CHILLING SNOWSTORM HITS THE BUSHCHANNEL CAMPERS 🙂 Bush camping with backpacks and ultralight hiking gear. In this video we talk about some … source


A few winter camping tips/advice and tools

Included are the: Primus Eta multifuel stove, Gransfors Bruks scandinavian forest axe, Lansky sharpening system, hoppes 9 oil and Mechanix Gloves I just felt … source


Hiking Tips #7 and 8#

This is just a couple of super easy hiking tips for what to consider when deciding where to place your tent or shelter for the night. It talks about using the military … source

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