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Cheap Winter Camping Tip, Keeping Warm inside your Tent

Cheap winter camping tip that has been used by people all over the world for hundreds of years. We apologise ahead of time for the slight disgustingness of this topic 😉 Us humans haven’t… source


Snow Camping without Tents Part 2

Camping in the snow and a video about a 4 day hike in the Australian Alps. Also a few more tips and tricks about snow camping! If you have good navigation … source


My Lightweight Camping Equipment

My lightweight backpacking gear being checked and then packed into the backpack. Here I am preparing for a 4 day hiking trip above the tree line in Australia. source


Junglecraft Campsite – DIY Jungle shelter for pouring rain

Jungle camping is extremely wet, it can rain constantly, no matter what you do you will get soaked 🙂 The jungle campsite in this video is on the slopes of Mt … source


Bushcraft Camping Part 5, Chilling Snowstorm hits Campers

A CHILLING SNOWSTORM HITS THE BUSHCHANNEL CAMPERS 🙂 Bush camping with backpacks and ultralight hiking gear. In this video we talk about some … source


First Aid Kit for Trekking, Camping, Backpacking

First Aid kit system that we use when camping, backpacking and trekking. When hiking you want your camping gear to be lightweight, a few years ago I became … source


Snow Camping Tips and Tricks

Snow Camping in our snow tent once again! A bit of advice about avalanches and the danger of cornices; NEVER stand on top of a snow cornice, many people … source


New Camping Equipment 2016

New camping equipment and gear ideas that we’ve come up with in the past 12 months. In 2015 we uploaded part one in this series. We hope to make a fresh … source


New Camping Equipment 2015

Camping Equipment that we’ve added to our collection this year. The process of refining your trekking kit is ongoing. As you learn more about being prepared as opposed to being over prepared, you will add more camping gear to your collection and in many instances you will remove items that you realise are too cumbersome. […]

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