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This is what it’s like to climb Enchanted Rock – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

We strapped cameras on members of the University of Texas Rock Climbing team so you can experience what it’s like to climb Enchanted Rock, a massive pink … source


Rocktoberfest Rock Climbing Competition CRG

The annual Rocktoberfest Rock Climbing Competition held at Central Rock Gym. The contest combines bouldering, speed wall bouldering, and top roping to … source


Rock Climbing Auckland at AGS Rock Climbing Wall April 2017

Bouldering at the AGS rock climbing wall in Auckland. Rock climbing Auckland’s premier destination for outdoor climbing in the CBD. Tackling the rock climbing … source


New Zealand Bouldering

Chris Sharma and Nate Gold climbs two really cool problems. Cut from the best climbing movie – “Big Game” by Mike Call. With: Chris Sharma, Nate Gold, … source


Indoor Adventure at PlayCLE – ziplines, climbing, rope courses and more, near Cleveland, Ohio

Super indoor adventure park with obstacle course/timed races and ziplines, aerial rope courses, climbing walls, bouldering, parkour and Ohio’s largest ninja … source


Boulder climbing gym for Zurich families | Minimum

See if this this boulder climbing gym in Zurich Switzerland is a good fit for your family. Nice indoor play option for kids on a rainy day. Leave us a comment and … source


Rock Antics – Newton Aycliffe – Beginners learning to climb!

Alpaca and Mountain goat do a sesh at the local climbing wall 🙂 source


Climbing (Ocean Waves SPLASHING!) at Blowing Rocks Preserve – Florida

Are you looking for a cool outdoor climbing spot in Florida? Make sure to check out Blowing Rocks Preserve. This video guide will show you what to prepare and … source


Q&A Climbing Session with World Champion Boulderer Shauna Coxsey

As an avid (albeit amateur!) climber I was stoked beyond belief when Red Bull asked if I’d like to do a one-on-one Q&A climbing session with world champ boulderer Shauna Coxsey. As predicted… source


Squamish Chief: Hike to the Cliff’s Edge!

On the advice of locals, Chris checks out the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, BC. At the summit, you get to look over the edge… 2100ft straight down! source

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