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21 Winter Woodland Wildcamping Tips For Bushcrafters

Zed from Zed Outdoors contacted me, asking me to share some advice and tips for those who are starting out with wild camping in the woods in the winter … source


Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Survival Sack Review Demo

The Life Bivy from Go Time Gear is the perfectly packable emergency survival shelter for your backpack, car, or everyday carry bag. This small package unrolls … source


GEAR REVIEW: SOL Emergency Bivvy (Emergency Survival Blanket)

This is a no-bullsh#t gear review for the SOL Emergency Bivvy after using it as our sole source of shelter on a four day survival hike in Australia. Conditions were … source


Hitchhiking Maps – Stealth Camping

Using Google Maps to find stealth camping spots while hitchhiking. Sometimes there’s an obvious place to tuck away, when there’s not, it’s easy to pull up the … source


Autumn Wildcamping – A night in the woods

This week me and my good mates Deano and Ray head on up to the bushcraft forest for a windy wildcamp. I managed to find some fatwood and had a great … source

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