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Stuff Sacks, Dry Bags, and Compression Sacks

Just a little video detailing a few options for storing/separating your gear. Apologies if the terminology is confusing sometimes. – Stuff Sack: Just a Nylon bag with … source


REI Flash 18 Review

A review of REI’s new Flash 18 backpack. I will go over the main features and components of the bag. source


My Top5 pieces of clothing. Sneakers, jeans, merino wool and jackets.

As you know my channel is predominantly about bags, edc and traveling. But I never actually covered the stuff that is on me almost every single day. Here are … source


Outdoor Gear – Shop3cs

Shop3cs is a one-stop-shop internet store, we provide the best cost; the best convenience; the best customer value. Shop3cs is also a … source


Backstage PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Urban Lifestyle Shooting / Leuchtfeuer Travel Bags

Production: Book & Follow: Reisetaschen Leuchtfeuer: source


Gear, Gear, Gear!

I’ve been watching a few gear reviews, and they looked really fun to do. This is basically a quick review of my gear that I bring with me during backpacking or dayhiking. Feel free to leave… source

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