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Backpacking & Hammock Camping Mohican State Park in Ohio – Outdoor Adventures Meetup!

Backpacking & hammock camping at the Mohican State Park in Ohio – Outdoor Adventures meetup! uptrail71: backpacking,hiking, hammock camping, gear … source


CAMINITO DEL REY – Dangerous Hike in Spain

Are you afraid of heights? Spain’s Caminito del Rey is a 100+ year old path that’s 350 feet high and falling apart. Hiked March 2014. Some call it the most … source

1558110068_hqdefault.jpg Gear Review: the "Ray Way" Backpack

For the full review click here: Jeff Wilzbacher of reviews the Ray Way Backpack … source


My Favorite Luxury Backpacking Items Tag!

My favorite luxury backpacking items tag! uptrail71: backpacking,hiking, hammock camping, gear reviews, ultralight gear, and outdoor activities. Aerial Traveler … source


Hiking | Summit to Loai Saar Naikan | Tallest Peak in Balochistan | Part 2 | Vlog # 16 |

BalochistanLandofBeauty Climbing of the “Loai Saar Naikan, the highest peak of Balochistan is dream of every mountaineering. Which is located 70 km … source


Cloud Mummy Bags

So light and so comfortable….it’s like sleeping on a cloud. We created the original zipperless bag and now we did one better and made it into a lightweight … source


Essential Backpacking, Camping Equipment & Items

List of backpacking items: -sturdy footwear (hiking boots)/lightweight sandals -large backpack -small daypack (doubles as a food bag) -fanny pack -compact, … source


The Most Beautiful Section of the PCT? Hiking Goat Rocks & The Knife's Edge | Hack Your Pack

Many people say the Goat Rocks Wilderness and the Knife’s Edge Trail in Washington are the most beautiful and scenic sections of the Pacific Crest Trail. source


Why I Don’t Stress About Base Weight

Base Weight is a topic you’ll see backpackers talk about all the time, especially on the internet. While I believe it’s important to find ways to cut the weight of my … source


TRAVEL GEAR to Take on a trip Around The World- BACKPACKING or OVERLAND

What does the average traveler, backpacker and motorcycle traveler need when they travel and how do you pack it you may ask. ..Well in this video I share with … source

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