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HydroBlu Versa Flow Review

HydroBlu Versa Flow – Check out the Full Written Review! – Darwin’s Full … source


Philmont Scout Ranch Gear Overview

Overview of the gear I took to Philmont, what worked for me, and what didnt. This is what worked for me, you may be different. If you are unsure what to take … source


Channel Update: Upcoming Backpacking Trips, Gear Reviews and Much More for 2014

I have a lot of new videos planned for 2014. I just got a ton of new gear to show and review, new trails planned and a bunch of things I’ve been planning on … source


PCT 2017 Thru-hike Gear Breakdown

Here is a detailed breakdown of all the gear I will be taking with me on my 2017 PCT thru-hike! For weights and links to all the items – check out my lighterpack: … source


The Basic use of a Compass & Map for Backpacking /Hiking VR Smell N Roses

The Basic use of a Compass & Map for Backpacking/Hiking. VR for Smell N Roses. uptrail71: Backpacking, Hiking, Gear Review, and Outdoor Activities. Smell N … source


Feathered Friends Down Bootie Review

Feathered Friends down bootie gear review by Sage Clegg. Sage shows how the down booties work during a ski trip in the Cascades. She demonstrates the … source


GUATEMALA *part2* – Antigua, Atitlán, Acatenango(The Moka Diaries) GoPro

6 weeks on a budget in Guatemala – volcano hiking, rock climbing, permaculture farming, craft beer drinking, New Years’ Eve partying, chocolate making and … source


Beginners Backpacking Series part 3- Backpack Sizes & How I pack gear

Beginners backpacking series part 3. Backpack sizes & how I pack gear. Part 3 will help to give you an idea of what pack size that you may need. I will also show … source


Backpack Gear Review High Sierra Summit 45L Backpacking pack

This backpacking gear review is on the High Sierra Summit 45L Backpacking backpack. This is a great beginner backpack for overnight camping and day hikes. source


Big Agnes, Copper Spur UL1 – Gear Review

This is a gear review of the Big Agnes, Copper Spur UL1. I have had this tent for several years now and am quite happy with it. In the video I discuss some … source

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