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Sawyer Water Filter Review. The Sawyer 4-Way Water Filter for Hiking and Backpacking

A quick review of the sawyer 4 way personal water filter. This is a great personal water bottle filter … source


How Much Does It Cost To Thru Hike? – Ask A Thru Hiker

You can easily help support this channel for free! Simply click through this link anytime you shop on Amazon: In this new series, I will … source


Osprey Xenith and Xena Backpacks – Excellent Load Haulers for Multi-day trips

I am trying out some bigger packs so I can haul my camera gear easier. This is the first of them If you are looking for a high quality, rugged backpack for long, … source


Camelbak MULE Backpack Review

The Camelbak MULE has a well-deserved reputation for ergonomics, durability, utility, and design. While a little bigger than many hydration packs, the MULE … source


New Outlander Adventurer 45+5L Backpack Review #JSPOutdoors

New Outlander Adventurer 45+5L The New Outlander 50L Backpack will get you prepared for any outdoor adventure and challenge! It features a brilliant … source


My first outdoor rock climbing experience!

I traveled with my new friends Brooke, Hillary, Stephanie and Matt to Pennsylvania to do some outdoor rock climbing. I was a bit scared at first to fall because my … source


EXPED Mountain Lite Backpack Review

EXPED Mountain Lite Backpack Giveaway Winner Announced: ➡ In this video review I go over the Mountain 30L Lite Backpack made by … source


Equipment Review: MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Backpack

Join Kristen from Scenic Traverse Photography as she provides a review of the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Backpack. This is one of the best bags … source


Philmont Scout Ranch Gear Overview

Overview of the gear I took to Philmont, what worked for me, and what didnt. This is what worked for me, you may be different. If you are unsure what to take … source


Backpack Gear Review High Sierra Summit 45L Backpacking pack

This backpacking gear review is on the High Sierra Summit 45L Backpacking backpack. This is a great beginner backpack for overnight camping and day hikes. source

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