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AT Post Gear Review

This is a look at what I carried for two and a half months on the Appalachian Trail for 972 miles. This is not a in depth look at each piece of gear but just a quick … source


Allpa 35L Adventure Travel Pack

Learn more at The Allpa is a rugged, carry-on-compatible, 35-liter backpack system built for adventure travel. source


The Linville Gorge – 3 Day Backpacking the Grand Loop

The Linville Gorge, also known as the grand canyon of North Carolina, is a wilderness area maintained by the United States Forest Service. It features … source


Black Diamond Backpack Gecko Infinity 50/Hiking/Climbing…Appalachian Trail Gear

Appalachian Trail Gear…Hiking/Climbing Black Diamond Gecko Infinity 50 GARDENING,camping hiking BOB bugoutbag bol tealite pop can stove survival outdoors cooking fire ultralite… source


Beginners Backpacking Series part 2- Choosing a backpack- Part 3 will continue with pack size

Beginners backpacking series part 2- choosing a backpack. how to measure the torso. uptrail71: Backpacking, Hiking, Hammock Camping, Gear Reviews, and … source


Kayaking the Clarion River

This trip was super peaceful and very enjoyable. Though the water levels were a bit low we only had to pull the kayaks a couple times. Camping is great on the … source


Return to the Red River Gorge – Grays Arch & Auxier Ridge

I visited the Red River Gorge in Kentucky a few years ago and have always wanted to spend a more time there. We had a lot of side trails planned in the area but … source


Apparel Store Open – Thank You for Supporting the Channel

You can buy Outdoor Adventures merchandise anytime you want. At 5’6″ 140lbs a medium fits me perfectly. Check out the store below. source


Ultimate Camping Tips: How to Backpack in the Wilderness

Tips and tricks for backpacking in the wilderness, filmed on a backcountry trip in northern California. To watch Part 2 CLICK HERE: PLANNING A BUDGET… source


TGO Magazine Chris Townsend’s favourite gear

TGO Gear Editor Chris Townsend describes the clothing and equipment he uses the most. source

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