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Equipment Review: MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Backpack

Join Kristen from Scenic Traverse Photography as she provides a review of the MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Professional Backpack. This is one of the best bags … source


Philmont Scout Ranch Gear Overview

Overview of the gear I took to Philmont, what worked for me, and what didnt. This is what worked for me, you may be different. If you are unsure what to take … source


Backpack Gear Review High Sierra Summit 45L Backpacking pack

This backpacking gear review is on the High Sierra Summit 45L Backpacking backpack. This is a great beginner backpack for overnight camping and day hikes. source


DIY BACKPACKING GEAR: Ultralight Backpacking Stove

Want to learn a easy way to make a CHEAP, ULTRALIGHT, DIY backpacking stove for your cooking kit needs? In this video I show you how to make your very … source


Walmart Ozark Trail Backpack Torture Test: REAL REVIEW 3

In this episode of “Real Reviews” we focus on the Ozark Trail brand of backpacks from Walmart. We use a “Kallispell” Day Hiking pack as our crash test dummy … source


Osprey Talon 44 Backpack Review

Osprey’s lightest multi-day backpack, the Talon 44 features a streamlined design for those who want to keep their gear organized. With its light weight and … source


ACES 40 BACKPACK Lafuma at OutDoor 2015 – Summer 2016

At OutDoor 2015, Clement Farcy (Product Manager) presents the Aces 40 Backpack by Lafuma. source


My Summer Day Hiking Gear

Hey everyone, this is a long and thorough overview of all of the clothing and gear I typically take on a long summer day hike. In most of my videos when it is … source


Why You Should Switch To A Backpacking Quilt – Ask A Thru Hiker

I am asked quite frequently about backpacking quilts and whether they are viable in the backcountry. This video will help to highlight some of the benefits of … source


NEBULA STRETCH JACKET Salomon ad OutDoor 2015 – Summer 2016

Ad OutDoor 2015, Gianluca Castoldi (Sales Manager Apparel & Gear Salomon – Amer Sports Group) presenta Nebula Stretch Jkt di Salomon. source

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