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It's Just Like Sailing on Dry Land – Season 3 Ep48 – S/V Adventurer

This Van life thing really reminds us of sailing the high seas, so in this episode, we cover some of the reasons why it’s so similar to boat life while we’re exploring … source


exploring southern Idaho (sites and activities around Twin Falls, idaho)

Sites to see and things to do in The Twin Falls area. Includes: rock climbing, base jumping, camping, fishing, and site seeing along with a brief history. source


hitchhiking guide.

few suggestions for hitchhiking. the rest you can find here – music: Alexi Murdoch – All My Days. source


Hiking Tips with Rebekah James

Hiking can be a hassle if you don’t have the right essentials. Just be smart Rebekah explains. Things like maps, water and compasses are discussed. source

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