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Deuter ACT Lite 40+10 Backpack Review

Deuter’s ACT Lite 40+10 is a best-seller, and with good reason. Its adjustable shoulder strap system is perfect for the growing or picky backpacker looking for a … source


Hiking Kit List – What to Pack for your Walking Holiday – Clothing, Equipment & Useful Information

It is important to us that our walkers are comfortable, enjoying themselves and above all, safe, while on one of our self-guided walking holidays. It is therefore … source


Gregory Arreba Backpack Review

Even though women make up more than fifty percent of the world’s population, most outdoor gear is tailored for men. Gregory is trying to change that. The Arreba … source


StJudeRnr Reviews: Anti-Chafing Products(Squirrel's Nut Butter, Gold Bond Anti-Chafe, Body Glide)

Today I review various solutions to chafing during running, camping, triathlons, biking and more. Visit and enter promo code snb20off for … source


The Do's and Don'ts of Family Camping – Travel Channel

Get tips and techniques on the best way to plan a camping trip with kids. Find more great content from Travel Channel: Travel Channel YouTube Channel: … source


FREE CAMPING along the Savannah Way near Normanton in Queensland – Leichhardt Falls

COMMENT BELOW WITH WHERE YOU ARE WATCHING FROM? This week we wanted to show you a fantastic FREE CAMP that we discovered whilst … source


21 Winter Woodland Wildcamping Tips For Bushcrafters

Zed from Zed Outdoors contacted me, asking me to share some advice and tips for those who are starting out with wild camping in the woods in the winter … source


Backpack Chat: Hostels Vs. Camping

Can’t decide whether to stay in hostels or camp sites when you’re backpacking? Due to the amount of weight that camping equipment comes with, unless you … source


REI Trail Chair Review

Sometimes you just want to take a load off, especially after a hard day of hiking on the trail. If you can put up with the extra bulk, the REI Trail Chair offers easy … source


5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear in Europe

Please Note: Young People Wear Many of These Styles Throughout Europe. These tips are geared toward 35+ year old travelers. Thanks for watching! Grab a … source

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