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My Hygiene Routine on the PCT

Where do you poop? How do you keep clean? How do you take care of your feet? What do you do about your period? In this video I take you through my entire hygiene routine from the time I wake… source


Climbing up mount Barro on Lake Como – Sony A6000 video test – A Wop back home – The Traveling Wop

Time to gear up! I was thinking about it for a while, and I finally took the step. This video is just a test on my new camera, the Sony A6000. But I didn’t wanna leave you with a boring video,… source


4×4 off-road camping and adventures

4×4 off-road camping and adventures, This channel is full of Adventure videos and handy tips for off-roading, overlanding and 4 wheeling in any situation. Support the creation of videos at… source



TIMS ADVENTURE PROJECTS #17 Arctic Norway is a magical place. We travelled here to trad climb and enjoy the long days above the polar circle! Collecting summits and outdoor experiences. … source


Hiking Bali Mt Rinjani (Lombok Indonesia)

Should you climb Mt Rinjani ILLEGALLY at midnight in the rainy season? This is our honest experience of climbing Mt Rinjani Lombok, indonesia illegally in the rainy season. It was hell… but… source


Update 35: The Whites

Dixie takes on the Whites! AT Gear List: Take A Thru-Hike: Dixie’s How-To Guide for Hiking the Appalachian Trail: source


外國美女聖誕節平溪探索 – Hiking in Pingxi, Taiwan / Mt Cimu [STOP KIDDIN’ STUDIO]

So what do you do on Christmas Eve in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas? Go hiking. In Santa hats. Probably one of the best ideas ever Merry Christmas everyone!!… source


Hiking & Walking South Africa – Fynbos Hiking Trails in Gansbaai

Hiking in the Gansbaai area is an enthralling eco-cultural experience and the best way to get a true feeling of the clean air and pristine natural beauty of this… source


Backpacker Magazine Gear School: Fit A Backpack Right

Finding out your torso length is half the battle. Backpacker’s Gear editor Kristin Hostetter explains all the strategies to you need to find a good-fitting backpack–from how to simulate a… source


Lingana Climb Solo by Dilip Zunjarrao

Lingana Solo by Dilip Zunjarrao undertaken on 28th January 2006. source

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