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Mongolia Northern Route. On Her Bike Around the World. Episode 4

Follow my journey on: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: BLOG: In April 2017 I left … source


Pacific Crest Trail Documentary: A YEAR OF ICE AND FIRE

After releasing the full Appalachian Trail video a lot of people asked if there would be a full movie version of my PCT thru-hike. So I decided to make a full … source


7 Solar Lights Compared and Reviewed: Unboxing

This video is Part One of Two Parts of a Review of popular solar-powered lights. The market segment was created by the original Luci light, but, of course, now it … source


Huashan Cliffside Path (No Harness)

Me on the cliffside path up one rather dangerous hiking trail and one of the most scenic and beautiful mountains in China. Here’s a blog post I wrote about … source


How to hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon and back in 1 day

Grand Canyon is full of warning signs saying don’t try to hike to the bottom of the canyon and back in 1 day. And rightly so, people die trying to do it because … source


Climbing "White Arete" 5.8 1st Attempt (Annapolis Rock, MD)

2016-08-28. source


How Not To Be A Jerk On Trail

00:00 Hey Y’all! 00:52 Leave No Trace 03:18 Think before you pee 04:14 Water Sources 05:32 When you’re walking 07:12 Music 08:39 Dogs 10:21 Shelters … source


How I Packed My Pack On The PCT

There are several things to consider when organizing your pack for a long backpacking trip including how to distribute the weight, how to maximize your space, … source



My backpacking journey through Afghanistan’s rugged Wakhan Corridor. Two weeks in country, 10 days trekking through the Pamir Mountains. It was a wild trip! source


Pinnacle Peak Trail – Scottsdale, Arizona

Hey guys! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. That will really help us bring you more stunning videos like this one! Thanks! SUBSCRIBE: … source

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