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Mail Drops and Bounce Boxes on the Appalachian Trail

I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2015 and aim to accomplish the PCT next year! I hope to encourage folks get out on the trail and enjoy nature. Thanks for … source


Rock Climbing Insubong on Chouinard B, Seoul, South Korea

Climbing up granite dome “Insubong” in Bukhansan National Park (복한산국립공원). The route we climbed was put up by infamous Yvon Chouinard. The regular … source


10 Best Travel Destinations in Wisconsin USA

Best Places Channel | Wisconsin Top and Best Destinations. Vist our website: Visit our Facebook Page: … source


Sailing with the Gentleman’s Keep: High Winds and Freezing Temperatures

Get your very own TGK “Definitions” Apparel here: Episode 11: High Winds and Freezing Temperatures On Sailing with the … source


Puff Pastry Jaffles, Camping food

Puff Pastry Jaffles, Camping food. YEP we are back (Harry Fisher & Ronny Dahl) with our second cooking show and this time we are doing Puff Pastry Jaffles, … source


Rock Climbing at Tick Rock

Rock Climbing with the usual outdoor crew David and Diana at Tick Rock. This climb was in September of 2017 on I believe the route is The Pyramid rated 5.10b … source


Rab Womens Neo Rain Jacket – Gear Road Test

Product Road Test for Rab Women’s Neo Rain Jacket. For full review go to: source


Covering Your Refrigerator/Cooler with Reflectix

In today’s video, my Assistant KC and I cover her Whynter 12-Volt Compressor refrigerator with Reflectix to protect it from the suns rays and to keep it cooler. source


Camping Gear Christmas – VEDA Day 7

Christmas came early. At least the first part of it. I got the first shipment of my camping gear today. A sleeping bag and a knife. Even thought it’s only part of gear … source


Bivvy Bag Gear Review – Macpac

Ever wondered what it’s like to sleep outdoors in a bivvy bag? The Macpac Alpine Cocoon is a 530 gram (1.1lb) alternative to a tent and provides good … source

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