Swift-n-Snug 2 Person Camping Tent (setup and review)


Get it here… ✪HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: This three-season, two-person tent is made of rain proof high quality 190T Polyester material …


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16 Responses to “Swift-n-Snug 2 Person Camping Tent (setup and review)”

  1. Jester75y says:

    Nice. Just ordered one.

  2. Louie Cruz says:

    Thanks for the video sir.

  3. im a boyscout so i will said you sir so (SIR THANK YOU SIR)

  4. Hey , This video is very helpful for the guy like me , Who doesn't familiar with the setup process . U just made it simple . Thank u dud . But one thing I really want to know , How to make the tent stand on it's own . Do we need to dig out the soil and insert the stick under the ground . Sorry my English language is not that good , but I hope u understand , what I actually want to ask . Please reply so that I can order one from Amazon .

  5. borgduck says:

    THAT was a hilarious video!  But, how do you protect yourself from the cold?  I ordered a heater, thinking it was gas, but it's electric & needs a plug!  I need to experiment in my back garden (& get away from the neighbour, this weekend).  It's like a 70's Doctor Who planet out there 🙂  I want to go to Winter Solctice, at Stonehenge.

  6. have ordered the same1 for my coming road trip video was so helpful…have me a clear idea

  7. Bee Lee says:

    wat I don't understand is y the rainfly so small they don't have enough material for it u guys need watch japneses camping

  8. we all know he is not in the middle of nowhere, but the point here is how to set up a fcking tent too many fcking haters.

  9. leon green says:

    What luck. Finding a freshly mowed field in the middle of the wilderness.

  10. hi can i use tbis video for.my product in fb add

  11. Wht r the 4 sticks used for???

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