Solo Stretch In Washington (New Pack Update)


Gear Update Timestamps* Pack (Gossamer Gear Mariposa): 06:54 12:36 (wet pack) Minor Quilt update: 03:48 Shoes: 10:30 My PCT Fire Closure Gear List: …


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  1. Gear Update Timestamps
    Pack: 06:54
    12:36 (wet pack)
    Minor Quilt update: 03:48
    Shoes: 10:30

  2. Here's the story on
    Airplane Meadows – According to the District Ranger out of Enumclaw, the plane crashed landed in October 1947. The pilot had flown the plane to Portland Oregon to renew his insurance. On his way back home, he crash landed the plane in the meadow. Then he walked down to Echo lake. He was overdue at home so people started to look for him. The lake is only three miles away so he didnโ€™t have far to go. It took four days to find him. The District Ranger went in and they walked out together.

  3. TAY says:

    Your so cute. Wish i was hiking with you. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  4. REI recently produced a podcast titled " Wildfire". The podcast discusses many aspects of wildfires (even certain benefits) that you may find interesting. Love your channel.

  5. ched03 says:

    Oh my goodness! My parents live near Snoqualmie Pass and I will be visiting them from Texas, flying out tomorrow actually. I will be doing some trail magic at Snoqualmie Pass and hiking a tiny bit of the trail on July 31st. It would be amazing to meet you but I'm betting you are long gone by now since you have edited and posted video from this stretch.

  6. Carrie Prock says:

    what hiking pants (leggings) do you wear? I've been hiking in convertible pants/shorts. Would like to try leggings.

  7. David says:

    I've been out of the backpacking game for too long but, I've noticed
    that in your video, and some others, everybody seems to be wearing
    hiking shoes that aren't too different appearance wise from athletic
    shoes. Back in my day, when hauling a heavy pack over rough and rocky
    terrain, you wanted a sturdy hiking boot…something with ankle
    support…God forbid you turn an ankle miles from the trailhead…so,
    has there been some sort of revolution in hiking footwear? Are sturdy
    leather hiking boots so 1970's now?

  8. Dave Elias says:

    The Cycle of Life, It's a beautiful Thing.. Great Vid.

  9. Kirk Barnes says:

    Why won't people just leave the animals they see in the woods alone, I personally do not see this as any different than the people in the National Parks surrounding everything that lives trying to touch it and get a "selfie" with it.

  10. I am planning an AT thru hike this March and I don't want to do it by myself I would prefer to find a group of people to do it with but I'm having trouble finding one do you have any advice

  11. Susan Ferko says:

    I miss you when you're not hiking! So glad to follow you on your 'catch up' trail that was missed the first time around. Love your introspection. Love your adventures and you. Thanks for sharing your hikes with the world Dixie!

  12. Oh Man, I just finished watching your entire triple crown series and I'm crying! Commenting here in hopes that you'll see this comment. Unfortunately I haven't been blessed with good health, so I watch travel and adventure channels to see things I can't see myself. Thank you so much for documenting your travels! You're an amazing person, so strong and determined. I'd like to think I'd be right out there with you, it's what I hope I'd be doing. What a great life you have. And although I've never done anything like any of your through hikes, I can imagine that post-trail depression is completely common. After you finished the CDT, I thought, oh boy, it's over..wahhh! I'm now watching some of your other videos which may seem silly for someone like me, but I like to learn! Thanks again for your channel <3!

  13. You've definitely inspired me to try out some backpacking trips for my channel, albeit shorter ones. Have a video from trekking through Prince Albert national park in Saskatchewan

  14. Wow, amazing views. Really enjoyed the gear reviews too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. erinn kemp says:

    Today's post is a teaser. ๐Ÿ˜ž

  16. 2 Lhasas says:

    I love my Mariposa pack. Living in the SE, itโ€™s often wet when I backpack. I love the tall pocket for my tent. Keeps it out of the main pack when it might be damp or muddy, and lets me get it out to set up without having to open my main pack in a downpour. I can fit two 1L bottles in the shorter side pocket, and keep my toileting supplies and water filter in the upper pocket.

  17. John J620 says:


  18. teufeldritch says:

    13:20 Welcome to Western Washington! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. kman 4443 says:

    Really enjoying your videos. I remember when you first started with these videos. You motivated me to do something I wanted to do for a while, hike the AT. I wish I could do a thru-hike of it, but with work and other responsibilities I just don't have the time. I live in Virginia near the AT (about 1 1/2 hours drive from me) so I do portions. I did a part for a week that I could get off work back in May. I returned nearby to a place in Virginia in July and did a place called Goshen pass in Goshen VA and it was quite the challenge (especially when your'e 50). My son went with me (he's 15) and he is working on his hiking merit badge for boy scouts. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and information!! I will tell you this, during the week I'm sore, tired, but mesmerized by the beauty of the AT and surrounding area, it is truly God's country out there. But, when I return to the pavement jungle of Washington DC the following week for work, I always feel refreshed and more alive then I've ever felt before. Some of my co-workers think I'm nuts, but they don't understand, you have to do it, see it, breathe it in, smell it, walk it, and then you'll see.

  20. Tori Peltier says:

    Wildfire is natural and beneficial to so many species. Half of the reason theyโ€™re getting worse is because we suppress fire.

  21. Dixie, have you been able to figure out what that back of the knee issue is? I get the same on some of my hikes and long walks every now and then. Seems totally random tho and I havenโ€™t been able to figure out what causes it. Love your videos! Especially now that your pup is hiking with you. Mind joins me on all my adventures as well. Best hiking buds in the world. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿถ

  22. Sarah Butler says:

    I love the editing on this one!

  23. D Steele says:

    Inspiring words about life!

  24. the barn's burned down. now I can see the moon.

  25. paul hawk says:

    Hi Dixie
    I was wondering if you replaced the mariposa pad with your yellow foam sleeping pad? If so that's brilliant as I have seen many people placing them on the outside of the pack and just looks so ackward

  26. This is the first time I've heard someone mention regularly getting bruised by their pack. I got my base weight down to 11lbs (15-20lbs fully loaded) and was still getting bruised at the start of hikes, so its reassuring to hear it from someone else as others kept telling me I was carrying too much weight. Either way, glad to see you doing well and hope WanderMama and Fancy feel better after some rest!

  27. jfdid sjdfo says:

    What was your opinion of the
    Zpack Arc Haul pack?
    Why did you trade it for another pack.

  28. Kelly B says:

    That bear grass stretch was soooooooooo beautiful!

  29. Specialty Outdoors could convert the big one to two small ones.
    A good video would be a listing of all the packs you have used and the evolution of your preferences and dislikes.

  30. I enjoy your vlogs. Subscribed. Good filming. Interesting narrative. Long ago i was a wilderness guide in BC, using horses. I backpack more now. Like one commenter said, oh how i wish i had done all that in a digital age! All i have are a few faded snapshots. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  31. Jared Balmer says:

    I hope you are armed , alot could happen by yourself in the mountains.

  32. 4rampart says:

    Im currently trying to prepare for my first ever through hike and your vids are very inspiring! Your living the dream!! God bless!!

  33. montana1951 says:

    Ur the best.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  34. Dan Wuollet says:

    Beautiful up on chinook pass. I spent many days and nights alone plowing snow, keeping 410 open to the public! Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  35. Jason Corl says:

    Great video Dixie! You keep mentioning the extra weight you're carrying so curious to know what your actual trail weight for these stretches is? Thanks!

  36. Lyn R says:

    Fire is needed to regenerate other species. Some species actually need the intense fire heat to start the next propogation cycle. That is a fact of nature.

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