Snowshoeing the best of the Superior Hiking Trail (Bean & Bear Lake)


There was one place in particular that caught my eye while I hiked the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) this last Summer. Bean & Bear Lake. I’ve never done an overnight Winter backpacking trip in…


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  1. Nicole says:

    Does Bob shuttle customers in winter or was this a favor he did for you?

  2. Did you tackle the drainpipe in snowshoes?

  3. I understand there may be wolves in that area? Are there any particular precautions you take to avoid an unwanted encounter?

  4. Such a cool look you gave between the summer and winter views of Bear Lake!

  5. Brad Holder says:

    Beautiful Scenery!!! Looks like it was fun and changeling. How was navigating the trail with all the snow on it? Was is hard to stay on the path? Parts look like it would be. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Steven Dyk says:

    Bigfoot, what type of boots did you wear on this hike? Did it keep your feet warm? Dry? Any recommendations for what does / does not work for your winter and early spring hikes?

  7. Aaron N says:

    Use your Duplex?
    Im curious about icing with all doors closed, did you make a “breath bib” to protect against frosting the sleeping bag?
    Great video! I’m looking forward to my first true winter camping in BWCA this year. Hoping you additionally do gear vid.

  8. altaris2000 says:

    How do you handle filtering your water with snow and ice everywhere? And how you you keep your water bottle from freezing?

  9. Kanzee says:

    Looks great….Why is it , that the Big YTUBE HIKER Creators, Rarely display Hike Maps on there videos ??? Is there an Unwritten rule, for the States parks….???
    google maps doesn't show superior hike trail mt trudee

  10. k8wxq0 says:

    Are you filming with your iPhone? Impressive quality!….I’d also love to hear what kind of gloves you use in those temperatures. Thanks!

  11. Wayne Culp says:

    What a great trip. Fun to watch you hike the trail in the winter. I love your view from Mount Trudee. That's one of my favorite spots. Thanks for your support of the Superior Hiking Trail.

  12. Beautiful! What tent, bag did you use?

  13. Nancy B. says:

    Hey Bigfoot! My family did the Lake Superior Circle Tour (driving) when the kids were younger. When we got to Split Rock Lighthouse, they refused to go in, saying "If you've seen one lighthouse, you've seen them all!" As a "compromise" I was not allowed to enter, but was "permitted" to walk the grounds. Can you believe that SHT? I am in the wrong family!

  14. you are one brave cool dude, keep moving foward…

  15. Matt Bullock says:

    Love your vids!!! Can you possibly show more camp life? Thanks

  16. Nice! Hey brother, give us your winter backpacking gear list! We'd live to see what you used out there to get ideas 🙂 keep up the great work!

  17. Question, just to be sure : How much snow ( 2 3 4 5 6+ cm ) and what type of snow ( powder, crusty, suncups, ) you need to have to make good use of the snow shoes?
    ( got a pair but never got the chance to use them ( no snow 🙁 ) and how is the grip on steep sections ? better or less then spikes..

  18. Thomas Zabel says:

    I've never used snowshoes, and am thinking of trying it. Is it pretty self-explanatory, or are there tips and techniques to it?

    If there are any tips or tricks to it, I'd love to see you make a video of it, even if it's a short one.

  19. Melissa C says:

    Wow! Beautiful scenery!

  20. Jeff Hall says:

    Your image quality seems better than before. Great video!

  21. rpelton1 says:

    Great vid on a great section! What camera are you using?

  22. I love that section of the trail!! Both hiking along that cliff overlooking the lakes, or camping and relaxing by the lake. I can't wait to be there again.

  23. Dude
    Xlent video of the north shore. I was at Palisade two weeks later. Hopefully you stopped in Beaver and had a beer at the only bar in town. And BTW we swim in the lake all year long. We call it fun but some would question that.
    Cheers and happy trails

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