Snow Camping Tips and Tricks


Snow Camping in our snow tent once again! A bit of advice about avalanches and the danger of cornices; NEVER stand on top of a snow cornice, many people …


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  1. Kaiser King says:

    is that mnt kosciuszko

  2. EmDodd says:

    Hey great vid, where about in victoria is this? I camp each year at mt kosciusko but looking for new winter camping places

  3. Maybe I missed it; what kind of tent are you using?

  4. can i come this year with you i got everything ill need

  5. wont to do perisher to mt koz trail ive been wonting to do that for years non of my friends what to do it with me all little girls my dad yes and no about it

  6. Hi, very nice. looking to upgrade my tent. what tent was that you guys used?

  7. jisterKIS says:

    melting snow is hard work lol?….nice stove

  8. Vansh Singh says:

    speakin so fast,,,,,,,,,i dont understand wt u say sad ๐Ÿ™

  9. It looks like the down-side is…..that you can't pull you dik out and just lift up the sheet and slide it in her unannounced …(she's wrapped & zippered up in her own sleeping bag! You cant steal the booty like that!)

  10. Black n Tan says:

    That over hanging snow drift at the start is just like the one me and a mate spent hours playing on. WTF

  11. Didn't even know Australia had snow. I'm such a dumb ass.

  12. k1dicarus says:

    wasting so much gas …
    but a nice tent you have there

  13. Askeys says:

    No llevas faldรณn??? wtf

  14. Mr Tmax says:

    NIce Mont Epoc tent. That's the first I have heard of the brand. Looks like it's well thought out.

  15. B Christian says:

    Tip #1) Stay Home . The End ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. 2phalanges says:

    great time to smoke dope

  17. 2phalanges says:

    so u just sleep all day

  18. -1ยฐ celsius? Basically like fall in Canada.

  19. harnamthandi says:

    Get video, mate. Love Bogong High Plains, Raspberry Hill is a fave of ours. Planning on doing first snow camping trip next year so thanks for the handy tips. Any suggestions for locations too would be most welcome ?

  20. dmith smith says:

    You forgot the #1 tip man.. #1 snow camping tip: Snow camping with a tent sucks. Snow camping with a tent that has a floor sucks even worse…

  21. Rexjunett says:

    Wheres the Crocks Mate?

  22. You should ditch that stove and get a jetfoil, they use about 50% less fuel

  23. User 7451 says:

    Did I hear you say Australia? It snows in Australia? whaa..

  24. Carter says:

    where is the fire mate?

  25. Rob Fern says:

    Awesome vid mate! Love the tent!

  26. G Nap says:

    nice mate. what part of Australia is this at?

  27. E. Palmer says:

    My scout troop has poor quality Coleman easy up cabin tents and they have no ventilation so I wake up every morning with ice inside the tent from condenstation

  28. So no night shots…little girls in diapers…day shots only!

  29. Tall-NH says:

    "See that cornice right above me!? That's a potential avalanche. So let me stand here and explain the risks for being here filming and describing. Let me get a close-up shot."

  30. POD Live says:

    Stupid opening for this video

  31. Australia, garden of eden

  32. Awful intro, just awful

  33. good thing you took your girl so she can warm up your dick by rubbing it ! smart!

  34. Excellent video! I especially liked your demonstration of snow anchors and the very useful SHOVEL, a tool one must never leave home without! Over here in the States, we finally got some decent snow, so now I'm finalizing plans to go snow camping myself. There is one suggestion that I would like to make, which I think will greatly improve your winter camping experience. I noticed that you carried all of your equipment on your back, and that weight was a concern of yours. If you buy a cheap plastic sled, it will hold a great deal of equipment and make your camping much easier. The snow provides a slick sliding surface and holds the weight instead of you having to haul it. I found that putting all of my gear on the sled made it heavier than it needed to be, so I learned to break up the weight between the sled and my backpack. Less on my back, easier to walk. I load the sled by placing a small tarp on it, put all my gear in, then wrap the tarp up and over. A few bungie cords hold the tarp closed and keep everything on the sled. I hope that you can use a sled to improve your winter camping experience by bringing more equipment and yet making walking easier.

  35. Finn Lavelle says:

    Where are you guys hiking?

  36. Red Ox says:

    Must shovel all the snow underneath the tent before putting the tent and some snow around the tent it helps to keep u warm

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