Sleeping Bags vs Quilts | Foam Pads vs Inflatable Pads | Down vs Synthetic


00:42 SLEEPING BAGS and QUILTS 00:48 Sleeping Bags Shapes (Mummy vs Rectangle) 02:11 Hooded vs Non-Hooded 03:11 Down vs Synthetic …


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  1. Time Stamps!
    00:48 Sleeping Bags Shapes (Mummy vs Rectangle)
    02:11 Hooded vs Non-Hooded
    03:11 Down vs Synthetic
    05:50 Fill
    06:25 Temperature Range
    09:49 Shell Materials
    10:34 QUILTS (Pros and Cons)
    13:51 Foam Pads
    15:34 Self-Inflating Pads
    16:20 Inflatable Pads
    18:44 R-Value
    19:27 Conclusion

  2. Marcy Fox says:

    Dog wool, wonder why we don't use it-my dogs are so soft, and warm wool just brushes out of them like a wool fountain.

  3. Wave Dancer says:

    "Hypothermia" NOT Hyperthermia my dear.

  4. M00nsplitter says:

    It's worth mentioning that while a roomy (in regards to girth) sleeping bag is inefficient due to the 'dead' air volume that requires heating by your body, the converse is perhaps worse. Even with a differential cut of the inner and outer shell, a tightly fitting sleeping bag will lose loft and insulating ability noticeably. The zipper flap will also perform poorly.
    One important thing to resist doing with any apparel containing down is to pull out the feathers that will inevitably appear, even through the highest quality 'down-proof' fabrics. Left to work their own way out, the fabric will 'self-heal', and the loss will be minimal, while pulling out the feathers will only invite others to follow suit, and the fresh exit wound will only facilitate this.
    I now no longer use sleeping bags at all, and quilts are infinitely preferable.I don't wrap them around my pad, as they will suck moisture through the bathtub floor. Tucked around my body atop the pad, they seal very well.

  5. Banter says:

    Western mountaineering makes bags with a box bottom that unzips to be more like a quilt.
    I have two. Sycamore (25 deg) and Sequoia (5 deg) Expensive but worth it.

  6. Steph S says:

    Best hiking channel on the YT.

  7. Your vids have improved greatly since your first ones. You've done well Grasshopper.

  8. Sam Pese says:

    Have a look at the Sea to Summit pads, its an Australian brand and seems to have some of the best options available. Silent non-crinkly insulation, High R-value, ultra-light and they have this system with a bunch of different cells. Worth a look.

  9. Sa Ya says:

    You are so REAL, down to earth, and helpful. Thank you!

  10. tim williams says:

    I hiked the Sierra mountains and coastal ranges, in my youth and chaperoned my kids as they got tastes of Yosemite, High mountain lakes, redwoods etc. now in my sixties, ready to strike out again and realize, Dixie's got a lot to teach this old man, before I head out, on my own. The JMT beckons, but not this year. I've got to condition, slowly gather needs and maybe the fords will be fordable next year.

  11. tomcvn722000 says:

    I did the PCT in 2017 Oregon section. I’m a cold sleeper and used a enlightened equipment quilt. I had no problems and was very happy overall.

  12. Dixie, have you ever tried a quilt with the sleep pad straps? I have not and would like your thoughts on this. My mummy bag feels like a fat kid wearing skinny jeans.

  13. What is the jacket you are wearing in this video?

  14. Bill Randall says:

    You are an amazingly talented, insightful, straight up, very rare sort of woman. I hope your employer and partner appreciate you to the max.

  15. Bill Randall says:

    I'd carry both an inflatable and a foam pad and a gillnet-hammock, too. Stay up out of the mud, rocks, bugs, snow, snakes, etc. I'd carry sedatives, too. Sleep is essential on the trail, guys.

  16. Diana L. says:

    Another great video with lots of info. Thank you!

  17. Awesome video! Really cleared a lot up for me. Thanks!

  18. Quilts all day every day.

  19. Gary D says:

    Have you made a video on how you travel to the AT, from the AT and where you park your car or does someone drop you off? Also, how does one spend $1000 a month on the AT as you mentioned in one of your videos? I'm getting prepared with the assistance of Molassas and Caboose who you met on the AT in 2015.

  20. Sorry for the dumb question: When you say down isn't insulating if you get it wet, does that mean it's ruined FOREVER and you have to buy new? Or, once it's eventually dry, does it work again?

  21. I am a cold side sleeper and I use the blow up mattress with a down rectangle sleeping bag with a hood. I do just fine with that

  22. IreneTivz says:

    Binge-watch. Love your channel it has lots of substance 💯

  23. mashedPotado says:

    When I toss and turn during my sleep I turn the entire sleeping bag with my body, works fine

  24. Thank you! I now have the knowledge of how to select a sleeping pad.

  25. z_german says:

    Another informative video, yet also another unpleasant 10 minutes listening to her voice :/

  26. Thank you very much for your informative videos. I know take a lot of work and planning. You are very appreciated. I do have one question for you please that I did not see addressed in this video. What is your experience with sleeping bag liners. It is my understanding that a good liner will help keep your bag clean and possible add about 10 degrees of warmth. Thank you for your time.

  27. Fill power is the quality of the down used so the higher the number the better and the quicker it with loft back up and fill each baffle after Been compressed and the warner it will be, and the grams is the amount of down used in the garment or bag. As for where you are and where I am ide opt for a synthetic bag and jacket as these days there's synthetic jackets and bags that offer just as much warmth for not much more wieght if any but it cost just as much as down but like you said synthetic s are easier to look after…don't I know it I have many down filled jackets and ile never buy another. Happy trekking x👍👍

  28. JA3162 says:

    3:33 not higher weight to warmth ratio for down, but a higher warmth to weight ratio. Sorry to be that guy 🙁 Great video – I learnt a few things!

  29. JG Murray says:

    What are all the acronyms you're using? It makes no sense to somebody who isn't in the club.

  30. Most important downside to down (pun intended) you forgot.

  31. Yuuki Goin says:

    For ppl who are bigger, its hard to fine a "light weight " sleeping bag.

  32. David Garee says:

    If your single then this would be fine but if you have a significant other with you you need a double sleeping bag. Or how would you sleep system work if you are hiking with your better half. I have a question are you single or do you have a boyfriend. The reason I ask is how does he feel with you going on these hikes and how did you guys work out you going on all of your hikes. I trying to explain this about why I want to do these hikes and she is fearful of me going by myself. I was in the military and I can take care of myself but she is still afraid. Any advice you could give me would be great. Thank you and I really enjoy your videos and find them so educational. I look forward to you new videos coming out.

  33. goodbi99 says:

    Lots of good info. Well presented. Excellent

  34. When they make these ratings for the sleeping bag. What level of clothing do they assume the person is wearing?

  35. Sos says:

    I e even using my old snow lion polar guard 15 since 1970 so it’s done well

  36. Love this… Don't think I can cope with the draft yet so I'm gonna stick with my down mummy bag for now!

  37. I really dig my klymit inertia XL pad. It's thinner, but pressurisable. It's one of the few pads I've found that fit my shoulders that doesn't weigh 2lbs.

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