Silver Springs State Park Glass Bottom Boat Ride


9 September 2015 Boasting 4667 acres of unique Florida ecosystems, 5.4 miles of crystal clear undeveloped river, two engaging education centers, and a …


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11 Responses to “Silver Springs State Park Glass Bottom Boat Ride”

  1. Fantastic job on the editing, you clearly spent some time on it. The opening music fits well too. Crazy that the bottom really is glass, I wouldn't trust myself to avoid obstacles.. like rocks. That chamber though is super cool; so were the sunken Spanish boats.. 500 years in water.
    Thanks for the vid man!

  2. Great video of the historic glass bottom boats and Silver Springs!

  3. Joe Johnson says:

    brings back a lot memories- I was on the glass bottom boat in July 1969 on a family trip to Florida- first time I saw the ocean, etc… kind of like time travel now that my Dad is gone

  4. me and my FAM went there a lot I hate how the state decided to take it over

  5. my favorite part is where all the army jeeps and Indian camps were and I liked to see the history in the river

  6. Deisy Becker says:

    I have a question and hopefully someone can help me.
    Was there a boat named Your Skipper Boat #1
    San Marcos Tx
    I am needing to know because I have an old photo and I want to make sure that this is the same place. Thank you!

  7. It looks Paradise to explore the National Wildlife of Silver Springs, FL. Just moved a year ago

  8. Bubble smith says:

    I have to ask what is the name of this track that you are playing in the background from music I absolutely love it

  9. cayogator says:

    5th grade church trip to central Fla., aint even gonna say when that was !! lol

  10. Jake Spur says:

    what happened to all the giant cat fish and alligators?

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