RV Toy Hauler , And New Camping Friends


Ross and Heather visit the RV of a neighbor in the park who just got a new Diesel Pusher to haul his rig safely. Hauling a huge fifth wheel is just not safe with a …


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  1. 58k ill take it whats his email

  2. If its 4 wheel drive, a dolly will not work for you guys. You would need a trailer to tow the Honda. Unless it is 2 wheel drive and has 4 wheel drive option.

  3. Hey deprey's
    enjoyed the video
    be careful guys and travel safe
    LIKED ( thumbs up )

  4. C.C. Lapew says:

    if your car is 4wd it will tow fine on a dolly, just make sure the transfer case (not transmission) is in neutral….. if it is Awd then your going to have some fun pulling the rear driveshaft

  5. Larry Clark says:

    Love the Toy Hauler.

  6. Some of the Honda CRVs have a procedure for ensuring transmission is in neutral for flat-towing or dolly towing. You need to research for your vehicle year and see if that option is available and then easily dolly tow.
    Good luck.

  7. You guys are awesome ūü§ó

  8. Mike Whitty says:

    Pulling the driveshaft going to to the rear end would be the safest if you're going to dolly that CRV, pretty easy job couple of 14mm bolts and a couple of 12 point 10mm bolts.

  9. corey hughes says:

    In some states I have heard it is illegal to double tow. You might wanna check into that.

  10. are you saying he wants 15k for a Road Warrior Toy Hauler? what are the specs?

  11. David Smith says:

    Towing is good but if you have 4X4 you need to get both ends off the ground put it on a flat trailer if not you will damage your transmission!!! I know I towed for 18 years…!!!

  12. Vader1957 says:

    Most CRVs can be flat towed.  Check your owners manual.  If it has the CVT trans it can not be towed.  Also check state laws.  There are overall length restrictions as well as laws on double tow.  Good luck with this.

  13. mmareka C says:

    yes… if double-towing, check the state you're double-towing in, especially if you have to cross different states. It IS illegal in some states. Also… Ross, please practice… having patience when Heather talks. She has interesting things to say, but you tend to try to 'mind read' or finish her sentences. Love your channel!!!

  14. RV Chef says:

    If you have all wheel drive you can not toad on a dolly. If you have front wheel only your ok to use a dolly.

  15. NB Hybrid says:

    I somewhat understand the reasoning behind some of the things you do ie the solar setup, but I would avoid even considering triple towing.
    There are many reasons in your case to not do it.
    first is…whats the point?…you can easily and cheaper than setting it up just drive it.
    second… you will definitely be over length for most if not all states..especially on the East coast. Will you get fined?..likely not but….
    thirdly… even though you have the power to tow it creates a whole new dynamic to towing you may not like.
    lastly..page 31 of your owners guide states "
    Receiver is for cargo carrying accessories ONLY. DO NOT tow any trailer or other vehicle. Use for towing or exceeding load limit will void the warranty.

    I know you are a safety guy hence the purpose of using a HDT to pull the trailer so I question even considering doing this.

    I can see considering towing a boat or a golf cart or UTV because they cannot be driven from location to location but the CRV can be. Plus it is great to have Heather as a spotter IMO anyway.

    Good luck and happy Rving

  16. There are curtain states that you can double tow. There is a couple of good websites to find out which states will let you double tow( also called triple towing) Also you can look it the motorhome magazine tow guide to see if your car can be towed four down(flat tow) all you would need is a tow bar and brake.

  17. ok…what gives.?? Your friend you say just bought the Road Warrior toy hauled. and is now buying a Big Simi to haul it because of safety. Then you say it's for sale $58,000 cash. if he just got it why sale it ? I didn't hear anything about his Volvo 2006 he's having converted. Most men would be spilling the beans. Go check out Rv haulers web site….my 2006 Volvo is ______ ( name) Gregg names all his trucks. And they aren't cheap , low-end $70-$80 thousand. and much more if you add all the bells and whistles. Something just doesn't sound right with your new buddy. Your Jayco isn't designed to bumper pull a car. Call them, before buying toad pulling equipment. You'll pull your nice new camper apart! Sometimes you don't think. Your giving advice to people about RVing and your a newbie yourself!

  18. Lenny Jonas says:

    A 5er rear hitch is not meant to be utilized for a toad. My advice is to ditch the car and use your hauler as your daily runabout. If you must have something else, throw some bicycles or small motorcycles on the truck.

  19. omg your dogs eat better then i do

  20. Billy Cook says:

    You won't need a break unless you are really worried about it, the Volvo has plenty of stopping power. Some states don't allow three units, check into that.

  21. Aussie Okie says:

    We have a cr-v 2013 AWD and it can be towed 4 wheels down. Forget the expensive separate brake (like a¬†brake buddy, etc)¬†and use a tow bar/brake combination NSA Ready Brute Elite is great. Some states require a brake so best to cover your butt buttercup… if you tow 4 wheels down you would need a Baseplate as well as lights, break-away, etc. I can give you a list if you need it. If it is¬†an AWD model you¬†CANNOT¬†tow it on a dolly. Don't know the legalities of towing behind the 5th wheel.

  22. kong3 says:

    Hey guys hope double tow works out.¬† Check state laws, there are sites that list all of them.¬† States¬†= Speed limits, overall length restrictions, whether you are even allowed to double tow.With a dolly you are double towing even if no vehicle attached.¬† Maybe¬†you can tow the dolly with you're car when you disconnect from trailer.I've double towed, including off-road for 30 years.¬† Just don't force things, and go around the block if you have to.¬† I have a trailer brake on towed trailer when I am towing my 18' trailer,¬† not with my 10'.¬† I'm currently towing a fifth wheel toy hauler with a Wildcat trail in the garage and a RZR on a 10' trailer usually… or an 18' trailer if I want to trailer¬† both sxs's¬†around the area where I camp.I tow up and down the steepest mountains in Colorado with a Ram diesel 2014.¬† The automatic descent assists are amazing.Thanks for all your vids.Doug Brown made a good point on checking the tow rating of the 5th wheel hitch, very few are made to tow serious weight, and if you're rig is under warranty??My rig is paid for and I had a monster hitch put in and 90% of the time I am towing less than 2000# as we bought aluminum trailer.Check carefully.

  23. Although I certainly understand why you want to tow your car, we take many trips from Texas to NY and for many reasons it's a much better trip when we get to ride together especially long distance, however…towing your car behind your 5th wheel is just not a good idea for so many reasons. I understand the wish to have a scoot around vehicle when you get there but you could look into other options; rent a small economy car when needed, buy a cheap car off Craigslist at your destination then sell it when leaving or if you plan on returning close to that area frequently (a few hundred miles radius) you could store the car at a storage facility or sometimes the campground has affordable storage, (if you ride) get a trike or Honda Gold Wing to carry on your truck. We are learning that living full time is a lesson in compromise, sacrifice and seeking alternatives. At times we have to make difficult decisions to live the full time lifestyle but in the end the answer is what are we willing to give up for our choice to live outside the box. What's more important? Answer that and you'll know what to do.

  24. Dns Mckinley says:

    Hi Depreys love you. All four wheel drive vehicles can be towed four wheels down. just need a Y hitch and you are good to go alongggggggggggggggggggg way BUTTERCUP!!!!!

  25. Dixie Pepe says:

    Hey girl, Mrs. Depreys, My husband and I have yet to get started on the road. We have down sized and now we wait tell this time next year. We both will be on Social Security. We do worry about getting work if we need it. (can I have that recipe for bread?)
    I want to start an You tube on how we got started. We will be on 2,400.00 a month. We have not got our RV yet. I have collected lots of info on stuff we will need. I enjoy your Video and I have lots of questions. First of all what do you do for your address? Thanks, Dixie Pepe

  26. Ray_Biker says:

    You can only tow a 4×4 vehicle if it has a transfer cade with a neutral position. Many SUVs only have a Part Time 4×4 system with no neutral position. They can not be towed with any of the wheels on the ground. Many RVers buy Jeeps with Part Time transfer cases to safely tow behind an RV with all four wheels on the ground.

  27. TheTandumbs says:

    Heartland RVs are the BEST!!

  28. New Lion says:

    $58K is cheap lol

  29. Do you guys still full time rv??

  30. Ryan S says:

    here in BC double tow is unheard of lol

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