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  1. Michael says:

    I did not notice but here's a tip if for if the rod in your closet is a regular style hanging rod (which for the record, is my preference compared to those "travelling rods" (which look like a tin I-beam with triangles cut out to place the hangers in) that some RV manufacturers install. Mind you, this tip isn't for everyone but some people might want to limit the journeys that their hanging clothes sometimes might embark upon. :p Go to your local hardware store and buy a length of flexible tubing that is around the same size as the rod (only "slightly" larger) and slip that AROUND your rod before reinstalling it in the closet. The ridges of the tubing will help keep the hangers in place but STILL allow you to move them left and right easily enough. Great rig, you two. I really like Grand Design.

  2. Beth Simes says:

    How did I miss this video? Thank you IG for a reminder πŸ€ͺ

  3. When you two bought your new Grand Design, did you buy an extended warranty? Got any advice about that?

  4. Layah White says:

    Yay! Need this before our very first RV trip with my hubby and 3 teens (2 boys and 1 girl).

  5. Jeff Bailey says:

    LOL she looks like Reese Witherspoon's older sister.

  6. Molly Maisie says:

    love your no nonsense attitude and the fact that you don't draw your narrative out like some which gets boring and i have to skip. love the rig and your family are funny

  7. Hi
    thank you for your amazing time to help us!
    please can you let us know what do we need to bring to cross from NY to Canada with our RV at the border? are you allowed to bring alcohol and all? what king=d of papers did you need for adults and children born in USA?
    thank you!!

  8. Love your videos! Where did you store your dry food and canned goods in Grand Ginger? I don't see the familiar pantry seen in some of the Grand Designs.

  9. blondseastar says:

    Oh my goodness, this video has a PLETHORA of fabulous information!!Buying our first travel trailer TODAY! I am so excited to get our littles out on the road. Thanks for the video!

  10. Ghost Guy68 says:

    Great job guys. Love the videos. Love seeing the storage ideas.

  11. Naughty44 says:

    I didn’t see were the 18 year old girl sleeps did I missed it?
    Love that rig and I totally would buy it πŸ‘

  12. Haylee R says:

    where does the daughter sleep then..?

  13. So did grand ginger stay warm in the winter?

  14. hello, sorry if i missed the answer to this, but can you tell me anything more about the "fireplace"? make/model? did it come with the RV or did you install/add it? i love the idea for both aesthetic and practical reasons! thanks so much for the tip

    ps- just discovered your channel, your videos are amazing, clear/excellent – yet personable – presentation. THANK YOU!!!

  15. Do you have a link for the shoe organizer on the side of the bed??

  16. Admin DAJ says:

    Love the Grand Design models; they are so well thought out with excellent amenities and storage space (almost purchased an Imagine, but alas, I'm traveling solo). πŸ™‚

  17. iswatman says:

    Ok, at 4:49– – -who keeps the rusty pistol in the flatware drawer? Hmmm, maybe you need to come to the police station for some questioning.

  18. tim webb says:

    Haha try 6 kids 3 girls 3 boys grown with there husbands wifes and 5 grandkids we go rving we take up whole campgrounds lol …

  19. Love the video. We are trying to get us one and hope we get it. Looks like a lot of fun.

  20. Cindy Vining says:

    Expandable tension curtain rods in a cabinet can hold items in place in a cabinet.

  21. Pia Lee says:

    Just started watching you since this morning, started with your newer videos, and I gotta say, I like this Ginger better than your new one. Love the bunkhouse! Yes I have been binge watching you back to back for the past 12 hours….I am hooked. We are just starting our RV journey, we have it sitting in our driveway waiting for retirement…..2 more months!

  22. Lexi Sanchez says:

    Yes i here ya! We have us 2 and 5 kids that are ages 15….12…10..7..and 1!! Thankyou for the tips πŸ˜‰

  23. I Am says:

    Ouside storage or lack of, is almost a dealbreaker for me. How do you guys feel about this?

  24. Amy Pletcher says:

    I have been following you as you know by commenting. However, we are not sure what direction we want to go with. Did you buy your Northland t.t. New or used? We are stuck. Our teens are so busy in sports, band, choir and drama. Plus we have one graduating next year, 2020. We are not sure to get a bunkhouse or just extra living space? We have to get a new truck because it is not strong enough to pull what we want. My other half is thinking wait til kids are moved out and get a 5th wheel or a driving one such as a class A or Class C but if we get one of those 3 we would have to buy used. Please any suggestions. We would be a weekend/ week worth trips right now. Oh, also with me following you, i have noticed you have gotten 3 difference rigs now since you started rving. So we are debating how long we would have our rig since they cost so much? Thank you

  25. Organize items to accommodate doggies?

  26. Kelly Grigg says:

    Love an rv organization video where the rv actually looks organized! 😍 so many great ideas!

  27. Steve Castro says:

    Great tips and ideas guys! Thanks so much for sharing…..I really enjoy your videos.

  28. Kaedis says:

    We are due to pick up our Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS this weekend. Thank you so much for all the advice in this video. These tips and tricks will help a great deal!

  29. Stephen Shaw says:

    Once again, I'm enjoying the information you are sharing. Very practical.

  30. Life Unboxed says:

    I am a little late to this video but I love the organization video from Trish and Mark. I plan on traveling in the very near future and all this comes in very handy for me. Love your videos and I'm catching up on them. Happy trails!!

  31. badass1g says:

    Best rv video I’ve seen to date! Thanks

  32. Does the grand design make two room two baths me and my wanting to get one

  33. JoSE BoSqU says:

    Became a commerical after a few. Sneaky but thanks for the unsolicited commercial info

  34. Lexy Lain says:

    Grand Ginger = GG, for short πŸ™‚

  35. Looking around my bedroom wondering where command strips may be super helpful πŸ˜‚

  36. lgreen126 says:

    We are just getting started in the RV world and LOVE you both! You are our favorite couple to watch by far! Thanks for entertaining and informing us. I also bought an RV life book that mentions you both. And Tricia- you look just like Reese Witherspoon. So darling!

  37. Barb Stover says:

    Thank you for doing this video. We're newbies & Ive been looking for good storage tips & this is the best Ive seen. Great ideas for our C Class. πŸ’œ
    Can't wait to pack her up & get on the road… (part time) for this year.

  38. Is it difficult finding spots with this trailer?

  39. Blue Sky says:

    Wonderful ideas here, many thanks for all the Fabulous ideas, we will be buying one of these in 2 months, I can get it organized (with your help,) before we hit the road with all of Your useful suggestions! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

  40. Love Grand Ginger. Beautiful rig. I know the feeling of camping with kids. We loved it. Now we are downsizing. Can’t wait.

  41. Esta Car says:

    What Rig you think is good in hot weather and cold πŸ₯Ά??

  42. matt harper says:

    5:10 really like the Sriracha hot sauce

  43. Hi Trish. I’ve been following along for quite sometime, but I just got my wife to sit and watch you guys for a bit and she loves your organization! But, her only question is, what do you do with dirty laundry?! :). It’s our biggest problem being in the Pacific Northwest. We go through lots of dirty clothes.

    Thanks for all of the great content, you guys seem like great folks!

  44. just wondering, how do you afford to full time rv,ing, congrats

  45. Deborah Pohl says:

    what a fun video. AWESOME! Thank-you!!!

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