RV Chat Live: The Hershey RV Show


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18 Responses to “RV Chat Live: The Hershey RV Show”

  1. RVdaydream says:

    Awesome guys we missed it!

  2. Robert, could you find any Ford (made by Thor) travel trailers?

  3. suedefringe says:

    I had to walk away. Did you go back to get more info on that Barefoot?

  4. Ke Le says:

    OH NO!! I was so busy watching the series that I forgot all about the live stream. Oh, I could kick myself. Missed my chance to tell you live, Robert, you are doing such a stellar job!! Still have a video or two to watch, going to come back to this when I finish those. I'm leaving praising comments on every video because they are that good! Thank you for your time and effort, and for sharing. You are much appreciated!

  5. Nice to put a face to the name Red Jaguar.

  6. It was nice meeting you by Tiffen:)

  7. ir10031981 says:

    Friday the 13th! 😀 I enjoyed the live chat.

  8. NonRev says:

    Was hoping to get up to the show. Live in Va. But things didn’t work out. So nice to see the show soon from your camera.

  9. RV Vacation says:

    Robert, I been trying to watch your most recent vid at Hershey posted today and I get a pop-up saying the video was taken down by the user. ??? 🤔

  10. Hi Robert sorry missed the show but always nice to able to catch up later enjoyed all of it and the RV so well presented

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  14. One of best chats! Sad that I didn't catch it live… Next week for sure!

  15. Sarah Lee #2 says:

    We dont have cable..we have Robert! Y'all stop making Robert say "baked beans" he is a wonderful public speaker. I challenge any of you to travel to Cuba and do vlogs in Spanish : ) Im working on my Spanish and it is quite the challenge! Robert has charm in his speech, it's a special feature of his videos : )

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