In today’s episode we head outside to show you how we setup and decorate our outdoor RV campsite space to make it into our own little home for the time we’re …


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  1. Wouldn’t be doing my job as a (retired) firefighter if I didn’t recommend keeping a close eye on your extension cord. Running it under a carpet (especially the rough RV mats) can rub the insulation/coating off. Just a thought! Be safe.

  2. Looks cozy! Welcome to VA.

  3. Hopefully this weekend we will be trading our Shadow Crusier in for a Bunk House Salem….love watching y'all

  4. Love the stickers on your slid! We set up very similar. However most of the time if I sense wind I find myself not even setting up the camping mat. It’s a habit I must break lol. Nice video! 👍🏻

  5. Karen Hoyt says:

    It's always nice to learn new ideas from other people! Love what you have figured out.

  6. This is a great overview. It's fun to see how everyone does things. – Melissa

  7. Eileen Brown says:

    That is exactly what I need to decorate my campsite: Adorable children having fun! 😍

  8. A nice thing for intelligent DY-selfers is to consider putting EYE BOLTs in at the least the frame of your RV especially the campers with the self level because strong winds and summer storms are now more common than ever and using say just plain ratchet straps with that guys anchor system pretty much helps thwart even 90 mile per hour winds like we had this summer in thee ah western woods of Pennsylvania. We were shittin our pants the whole friggin time the storm was boomin and bangin with howling tornado near by our camper shuddered but it stayed on the ground perfectly while 4 others over turned with folks in em nearby us. I went right to the people with kids to do whatever it was I did people shoved money at me for taking the kids in our place and calming em down. 3 out of the 4 campers were totally wiped out destroyed. There was this one newer model called a Rough Range it tipped over onto a tree and it was fine once we got it back on it's wheels we lowered it all back down by dark using come alongs and ratchet straps were just the tool to use with come alongs. The roof edge & siding had some minor damage nothing a carpenter & rubber roofing wouldn't fix. I don't know WHO the MFG of that camper was but it took a real beating off that tree and really held together. After the next day people were looking at my system and the eye bolts in the roof line I have em in the frame underneath and the roof line using the roof line to tie it all together. Fire fighters and EMT's were duly impressed to say the least what a $100 bucks worth hardware store junk can do to save a camping trailer especially mine an older well used and modified one. So if ya don't want kids and yourself with wood splinters in ya and some broken arms ribs and legs make an anchor system. It is not the best shit to have around when you're walkin around and consuming alcohol the dam set up can reach out & grab onto ya and land ya on your ass. I listen to NWS constantly have a weather radio so I only totally set it all up if they are calling for severe or healthy size storms then I deploy the system or when we bed down I go out and crank it all together… We have had some super strong storms come along at night especially last year. Not so much this year but for that stinker storm I just talked about happened about 1:30pm exactly and it was potent. It hit the day before we were gonna leave. We actually got an extra week there for a few bucks because it took em about 4 days to clear the busted up campers and trees that came down. So we used our motorized bicycles and got extra food and charcoal and stayed on till they cleared the shit out. Anchor the whole damn camper not just the awning.

  9. Cat Lover says:

    We just bought our first RV. A little one for just the two of us. I'm watching and learning! Thank you.

  10. I just bought a fifth wheel, I would like to travel full time like you guys, any suggestions to help me achieve that goal?

  11. will powell says:

    Where can I find the clips for the led lights?

  12. I think we have actually camped in that same spot. Is that Thousand Trails Williamsburg VA??

  13. holly debar says:

    where did you get your light hooks for the awning

  14. Jerry Holly says:

    Hey Five@Go just joined your family

  15. TIKI TIKI says:

    beautiful children with beautiful red hair

  16. What do you do in the case of a tornado or bad weather?

  17. Very nice setup 👍🏻

  18. Guest House says:

    We do about the same. We need lights thought!! Also – you have beautiful hair!

  19. THe VaNDeMiC says:

    This was the kind of video I was looking for. Thanks. I've noticed that I like RV couple channels so much better than Van couples. I don't know why, maybe it's that you're more humble and down to earth.

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