Round Rock Honey, Just Do It (Starting a Business)-Free Camping Magnolia Beach Texas


Interview Round Rock Honey & Free Camping on Magnolia Beach Texas // Round Rock Honey in Round Rock Texas, just outside of Austin Texas, is an …


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  1. You are such a good instructor, would you consider a video on downloading library app and books. That is a great money saver.

  2. michstrito says:

    I had the same problem with Truma. I kept turning up the thermostat but it wouldn’t keep up. I called Truma and was told the best setting, when on shore power, is mix 2 which uses very little propane. I tried it and it works well. I think this setting starts out using propane but switches to electric after things get going.

  3. Joanne D says:

    Even when I ditch my purse/wallet I have my one credit card, my license, and library card on me! Lol
    Thanks for that awesome tour with your friend… I agree with the corporate "thang" and totally agree with you both… Just trying to get through and stay positive, as I'm not in a position to make the jump yet… Appreciate all you do and share 🙂 Take care

  4. swamp dawg says:

    Great story. I love honey. I’ll look for this guys honey next time at the store. 👍👍

  5. Jami Good says:

    28 degrees. BRRRRRRRRRrrrrr….glad you survived it! shiver

    I'm so glad you got some #Introvert recharging time in nature on a beach. I love that.

  6. Rocki5pr says:

    Great story and mostly good advise; … the only thing I disagree somewhat with is/was, if starting/running a business on the road, being willing to put in extra hours. At the start, it's one thing to get established and a semi-consistent income coming in; after that my philosophy is, "there is something 'off' about trading working 9 – 5 while stationary for 9 – 9 while on the road when expenses should be lower to at least some extent."

  7. Looks like I just found my new honey! Is it sold around Texas or just in Round Rock and Austin area?

  8. Keeping warm .
    Maybe next cold season get a heating pad to put on foot of your bed.

  9. PM Lugo says:

    Honey place was cool. I have never bought honey like that. Only from the store. But them my husbands son got a job at a farm. And he gets us Honey and syrup . I love it. Much better than the store 🙂 Beach is beautiful. but sad no sand just shell's .

  10. I love purchasing honey from local beekeepers. Oh, and did he tell you that a bee 'farm' is called Apiary. I enjoy stories about folks how have their own businesses. I have my own and it's a story, I tell ya, as to how I got to it. I like to see if we have the same inclinations.

    Get some of that re-energizing alone time!

  11. Lol..will work for honey..🐝 .great travels..😎

  12. Ricky Breaux says:

    Great interview!! Thanks!

  13. Van Inhalin says:

    Having an accent is better then some generic plug-and-play, sterile, corporate-speak, bland, soul-quashing, cultureless drone communication. Any accent from anywhere is better.

  14. Vatsek says:

    What do you do around bees in winter? Take time off?

  15. Thanks for the video… We love Round Rock Honey to make our Mead. We have gotten it at the Dallas Farmer's Market. Now we will have to visit the apiary. @roundrockhoney

  16. Terri Nelson says:

    Really enjoyed the bee interview, thank you!

  17. Did you put reflectix in your windows at night when it’s so cold? It works like a champ for me and then I close the blinds and there is a little barrier in between.

  18. Schönes interessantes Video für mich als Imker sehr interessant. Beste Grüße aus Deutschland Bernd
    Nice interesting video for me as a beekeeper very interesting. Best regards from Germany Bernd 👍👍👍

  19. I Love it❤❤❤
    Browsing 30 And WakeUp and stumble your vblogs too.
    You did a Good Decision & I ❤Honey (used it & nutritional proposes👍)

  20. I am from Zimbabwe Africa my father and all my family are addicted and believe in honey ,when my father passed away he had 180 Bee hives (180 boxes up and he loved bees .Now l live near Round Rock in Austin North,America,l will be happy if you invite me we talk /or advise me with business in honey

  21. Awesome, I searched for Round Rock Honey , because 1, I live in Round Rock, and 2 I was watching, about the Bee / honey business and thought about our local company, so I went to YouTube, and searched, of course I subscribed to your channel, thank you for showing the Texas Blue Bonnets, I was hoping you would, as this was published and taped in April 2019, you just captured those Bonnets, so pretty, as they are only blooming for such a short time!
    I bought some Round Rock Honey last year, and also some Beeswax, which I use for my Batiks, it works well, I also created, a Batik Tee shirt of a Bee, and need to get doing more, sad that we are losing our precious Bees, currently I am without Transportation, so that hinders me in a huge way, in progressing on my hopes and dreams, and still ~~~~~ I keep creating my designs as it keeps me busy, Thanks for this awesome Video I enjoyed it tremendously!

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