Rock Climbing Training with Robbie Phillips – Ep. 3 (Strength Basics)


In his brand new series of rock climbing training videos, Robbie Phillips shows you how to reach the perfect mindset and training technique to achieve your …


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11 Responses to “Rock Climbing Training with Robbie Phillips – Ep. 3 (Strength Basics)”

  1. Static contraction in a muscle? never heard of that term. You probably mean isometric contraction; the musle length and joint angle do not change while the muscle is active.

  2. Structured and very good for starters. Many vids just show how great the person can climb. But in this vids you take the watching person to really focus on the goals every climber should have

  3. AndreW15 says:

    When is the next vid coming out

  4. nice to see a good training climbing video not screaming about core strength

  5. Markus Huber says:

    spend for safety in the mountain

    https:// / c / projektofmsc,

  6. Theo Neilson says:

    great vid. well done

  7. I am a beginner to Rock climbing. I find these videos useful. Thanks

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