Rock Climbing @ Railay Beach, Krabi / Thailand


27th March 2008- Students from Rawai Muay Thai Camp on a day trip to Railay beach Krabi / Thailand Railay beach is a popular place for Rock Climbing – located in the Krabi region of southern…


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20 Responses to “Rock Climbing @ Railay Beach, Krabi / Thailand”

  1. I suppose it depends on the year, but the year I was there it was pretty good during the rainy season. It rained everyday at about 4 pm, so we had to rap down and clean up our gear at 3…spent the evening watching thunder and lightning out on the ocean while sippin beer and enjoying a little herb.

  2. Johan Dahl says:

    What is the name of the song?

  3. WaffenSSw1 says:

    "Do to tam" – Job2Do

  4. Jolinator says:

    just got back from thailand, Job2do came To Tonsai and played live!, epic music and epic climbing.

  5. zpolowka says:

    TONSAI is an awesome place….

  6. blvck lion says:

    @jazo54 Yeah youre right its reggea but its thai language^^

  7. ob1kanukie says:


    It's Thai Reggae man.

  8. ob1kanukie says:


    I miss home… The food, the weather, the Islands are awesome!

  9. Noo Puka says:

    Please take care when you are on the road or motorcy cle etc..Many tourists leaving Thailand with semi/or fully paralyse /broken arms/legs/got rob-shot in Cambodia/stolen kidney in China while cycling/died after a trip in India

  10. Thai chick says:

    This vid makes me home sick

  11. Hey Tex! How's it going? I met you in 1992 and came to live there in 1996 at View Point for 9 months!!! How is Poppy? and Tracey? Is this your video? Cool. Love the music!

    And BTW all, reggae is totally Thai, just like rap and hip hop!

    Joan Janzen (Leonie from Canada)

  12. NedimeSweSt says:

    Thailand is a beautiful place!!

  13. Du Nico says:

    looks like fun, need to try this, and top tune as well……

  14. Andre Lui says:

    what´s name of this music??
    I´m from brazil and I have been 3 times in Thai, amazing place!
    I lived 2 month on Railay, missing there

  15. Herman Muda says:

    @rawaimuaythai doo doo doo doo ther tam : look look look look what you've done to me…

  16. i coming to Krabi at october
    and i'm looking for partner to climb with??????

  17. Islam Sherif says:

    I went to rock climb there for 10 days, and im telling you this place is EPIC!

  18. ooo ooo says:

    Thats me at 1.39 lol. You could of filmed me not falling. Nearly 10 years ago. Crazy.

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