Rideshare Tipping Signs 10% off!!


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23 Responses to “Rideshare Tipping Signs 10% off!!”

  1. coupon code has expired

  2. Seems like the coupon is back up! Just bought the black one you mentioned in the video that works best for you. Can't wait to get it and give it a try.

  3. Qais Shefa says:

    can you drive chevy cruze for uber select ?

  4. Rich Johnson says:


  5. 20alphabet says:

    My neighbor says that a 5-star rating is reserved for riders who tip. He also says that riders who make him wait are automatically deducted 1 star, and short trips are deducted 2 stars. Seems reasonable to me. Want 5-stars? Don't waste the driver's time, don't make him subsidize your short trips, and don't forget to tip. It's still 1/4 what a taxi would cost you.

  6. Yo Papa says:

    I know this is out of topic but I had a question for you. what do you think about the way uber can now basically spy on its drivers by checking their speed and how they brake? isn't that like having a boss breathing down your neck telling you ways on how to improve what you do? I personally believe it contradicts the whole "independent contractor" belief. hope to hear from you back thanks and be safe out there .✌

  7. What about if they don't have cash? I have a square card reader. Do you have one that says I except both cash and credit?

  8. The rearview mirror placard is similar to the handicap parking ones and those are NOT supposed to be hanging while you are driving (even though many people do). Also, if an officer can make a case that it is obstructing your view, you can be ticketed for having that up. =/

  9. No offense, but IMHO suggesting, or hinting about tips is not polite, and perhaps a little crass.

    I think that it cheapens people's opinion about you.

    I have received $20 tips from everyday people like housekeepers, waitresses, bartenders, and even a few busks from a mother who lived in a poor neighborhood with seven kids.

    On the other hand I have received zero $$$ from hedge fund managers who lived in a 10,000 sq. ft. house, and people who ask me to load twenty grocery bags in my truck.

    I am always surprised when I receive a tip, and always express my thanks in a positive way, but never ask, suggest, hint, or stick my hand out.

    If it happens it happens!

    Just my opinion, and I have spoken with some riders about this, and they agree wholeheartedly!

  10. TroyP20 says:

    When did uber allow tipping?

  11. Q8 Fly says:

    Come on man, It's TOTALLY IN YOUR FACE!

  12. Sam Wright says:

    I doubt you'd get 5 stars for this. Makes things a little awkward IMO

  13. I personally liked the headrest one's

  14. Erik D says:

    OMG Randy Randy check out this ''Uber Driver'' amen god help us get these driver's deactivated…………
    Keep up the vid's

  15. Luchador EMC says:

    How to get rated one star 101

  16. what do you mean you been experimenting? you dont even drive ne more

  17. Joe Ruiz says:


  18. Yorkie Lover says:

    5 Stars rating only for riders that tip, everyone else is getting a 4 stars rating, in that way it will help the next driver to decide if accepting or not a request from a "less than 5 star rider", be wise. (Please copy and Re-share)

  19. I'm still not seeing how driving X will make you a living. I do X / XL once in a blue moon to change up from Select/LUX and I just don't get it… rates are dirt low.

  20. Iain Smith says:

    I think I'll get a sign that says… "Service industry worker? Do you rely on tips to make a living? THEN TIP YOUR DRIVER, YOU CHEAP BASTARD!" 😉

  21. uber needs to put a tip option in the app

  22. has your tips increased now that you have the signs? i am thinking buying one since i have tip signs on both of my front seats of my minivan and my elentra. also from a safety perspective does it interfere with your driving just curious? and I definitely agree with you as well it's all about having Riders being informed that tipping is not included in the fare and always encouraging to rate us 5 five stars

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