Return to the Red River Gorge – Grays Arch & Auxier Ridge


I visited the Red River Gorge in Kentucky a few years ago and have always wanted to spend a more time there. We had a lot of side trails planned in the area but …


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43 Responses to “Return to the Red River Gorge – Grays Arch & Auxier Ridge”

  1. Tara Norvell says:

    Love Auxier Ridge! I've never seen it in the snow…beautiful!

  2. tnprime says:

    hot hands baby hot hands, winter 101.

  3. Have you tried not using the pull outs on the hammock? You may not need them like you do on the blackbird. I have the DH Sparrow and haven't used the pull outs ever, but love the UQ hooks. Worth a try, and that's 2 extra stakes you can leave at home 😉

  4. Your companions were a little wimpy. Where is Gary when you need him. lol.

  5. Xbigearsx ! says:

    I picked up a pair of the lone peak 3.5’s to see if they help me with I.T. Band issues also

  6. Fantastic video, trip too. enjoyed them views, beautiful scenery. lol that is creepy, AND NO GEAR with him !!!!

  7. This whole Vid was in such Character for you Jason, the wit, tips, demeanor, outlook attitude and Humor. As usual I loved it! Blessings to Ya from Oregon Pal, … Mike.

  8. Jim Bowling says:

    Man someone had to pee really bad… LOL did you see all the Yellow snow… HAHAHA

  9. You can camp on that big rock on Auxier Ridge. I know they want you to stay 300 Ft away from the trail but the park rangers have never said anything to any one about it. One of my favorite places to camp.

  10. Dragon Roams says:

    Great way to make the best of needing to change the game plan. Awesome video. I still can't wait to get to the Gorge seems like a lot of people have gone there recently.

  11. st k says:

    Thanks for the video .Good to hear you got more trips planned
    I love the rocky landscapes. I life in a flat country, No mountains here
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  12. Floesh - says:

    Do you consider buying the Helinox Chair Zero? It's really lightweight and can add a lot of comfort to your trips

  13. Trail Cat says:

    Glad you didn't get rid of your intro entirely:) My trip this weekend is going to have similar weather… Snow the first day but I'll still have cold weather the rest of the weekend. Awesome video! Glad you didn't wake up with an extra person in your bed!

  14. Arcana73 says:

    What a horrible friend….taking those poor saps man card away from them. I'm surprised they didn't throw you off a cliff after that comment….oh wait, that would require manly strength which they are lacking.

  15. You were definitely off on Copperas Falls :). There are A LOT of very cool things in the area of the falls, many of which very few people know about ;). It's one of my favorite areas in The Gorge.


  17. Always good info! Glad you had a good time on Auxier Ridge.

  18. Your buddies are very negative! Gorgeous views!

  19. Water doesn't seem to be in short supply on your trips, but theoretically that pack liner could be used as a transpiration bag in a survival situation

  20. stowe18 says:

    Recently got some reflective cordage from litesmith- love that site, I’ll have to check out the bag liner.

    About that strange guy- at the very least you had your friends with you in that situation.. but that would have completely freaked me out.. glad you were spared with having to share your tarp, or worse, hammock.

    Great vid- thanks for sharing!

  21. croc hikes says:

    Hey man.  Just a quick hello.  I have watched a bunch of your videos and subscribed for quite some time.  The Gorge is basically my second home.  I learned to backpack and hike there in the late 1990's.  I've moved around with my job as far as LA twice and backpacked a ton out west and in the Smokies, but the Gorge is my home.  Anyway, I'm about to retire in the next couple of years and almost certainly gonna do the PCT.  I started a small channel a couple of months ago.  Would love to know what you think, especially about my RRG playlist.  I almost got Mt. Whitney last year, going back this year to finish what I started.  If you ever want to plan a few nights down here, especially in the fall (which I have some pics and vids in that same playlist) you'll find it unbelievable.  I really loved your Hansens Point video from your first trip where you kept on looking for it with your usual determination, and then also got in some storm trouble.  Anyway, I really appreciate your channel and enthusiasm and the offer is always on the table to come down and I'll do the best I can to show you some stuff you've not seen yet.  Hard to believe you had to hike that far to get to Auxier – not sure what the road shutdown is about.  I've been there half dozen times this year and no improvement yet…Night friend.

  22. I’m going there next week … I love living in Kentucky have you ever tried the small thru hike trail from Ky to Tennessee

  23. Blake Miller says:

    Thanks for a entertaining video. I just got back from a 3 day trip in Big Sur area in Calif. No snow here. Hike on.

  24. excellent video..(.rick party pooper) beautiful scenery thks for sharing

  25. Jenn Lynn says:

    Great video and great job on embracing the suck. Thank you for keeping it real!

  26. CC-Coder says:

    The Neemor World's link I sent about the IT band strap could help you on the A.T. and future long hikes. He said it saved his AT thru-hike. Just a Velcro band from Amazon. He also suggested doing your stretching routine and working out too.

  27. billy goat says:

    Wow, did they pee on the trail to mark it so you could find them?

  28. billy goat says:

    Bears don't hibernate down there.

  29. r3dreck says:

    First day I got my Darien I was setting it up and zipped the fabric in the zipper… It punched a little hole in the fabric which I put some tape on. Sucks but gonna happen sometime ha…

  30. At the fence we’re your looking at Grey Arch back track a few feet is an off trail to go on top of Grey Arch. Great view on top of it. I’m so glad you got to do Auxier Ridge loop. It’s so awesome to see your excitement on the trail. At double Arch to the right are some rock steps to get up on top of Double Arch. Awesome views on top. Really loved your video of RRG!!! Thanks for sharing. 😃👍

  31. Rat and Cat says:

    The storm makes it such a great adventure. Beautiful!

  32. Pack Mule says:

    Suck it up Buttercups! LOL… Just kidding.

  33. Josh Riggs says:

    Frozen you should have thrown their man cards away..

  34. Do you have to pay anything to hike these trails and camp like for example of a trail The Virginia Triple Crown and if so where do you pay at

  35. Frozen: Try using antiperspirant on your feet. It's an old Marine's trick.

  36. Great trip and video. I’m glad the creepy guy didn’t get you guys lol. One question though, you mentioned the foot salve helped with being water resistant, is there any issues with feet sweating? Thanks for taking us along!

  37. Billy Wohl says:

    Hey Frozen, what video editing software do you use, and did you create your awesome intro logo using that or another program? I'm contemplating Vegas Pro 14 right now on Steam, though I'll probably wait for the next Steam sale unless whatever you use is less expensive and sounds better. I'm just curious about delving into 3d modeling to create a sweet intro for any future videos I edit now that I have a beefy PC that can instantly handle anything I throw at it.

  38. Bill Foster says:

    Love your vid's, The weather has been bizarre this year and a lot of the roads at RRG have been closed. Looking forward to your upcoming trips. Be safe ..

  39. uptrail71 says:

    I had to watch this video again to see what you use for blisters. My wife got one on our RRG trip, but then again she didn't break in her new shoes. I skimmed through and didn't find the info. I will look for a video I think you did about foot care. Congrats on 17k subs!

  40. Would using boots instead of trail runners in snow save the wet feet? I've never had to deal with cold wet feet fortunately, but I've never used trail runners either.

  41. J Wagner says:

    Thanks for featuring the "man card" humiliation of your hiking partners. I hike in this area too, and I now know that you will be a jerk that will tick off your "friends". Then they will do things that will get them in danger (like hypothermia) and will need rescue – probably from strangers since you will leave them behind. I will stay far away from you and the poor saps you hike with.

  42. potatothorn says:

    Great Video.. ive never been but have seen the area n so many videos and i cant get enough, always awesome… seeing it in winter is a nice change

  43. Duke Palk says:

    Great adventures of Frozen Kekoa wow my wife would've freaked out she would've been like babe if he gets strange wrap him up in his sleeping bag be nice though and put him on the trail😕. lol😅

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