Renogy 100 Watt Solar Suitcase with Charge Controller | Product Review | Portable Solar Solution


The RENOGY 100 WATT ECLIPSE SOLAR SUITCASE WITH CHARGE CONTROLLER | Product Review | The Renogy Solar Suitcase is an affordable, portable …


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  1. S Miller says:

    We love our Renogy 100w portable panels. We have added a 15ft extension using the Mc4 Pv plugs and then added a plug mount to the trailer for more flexibility, quick hookup and tear down. We find it good enough to run keep our batteries charged when there is bright sun but do have to watch elec use when cloudy. We normally run a tv for a few hours, (movie, some news, a cartoon or two), a few led lights on when needed at night, water pump, and charging devices such as phones, cameras and laptops. So in short we have gone for a couple weeks at a time without hookups and still have all the accessories that make things nice.

    Well done info in the video, you will love the new accessory.

  2. Don Thorne says:

    Thanks…I believe this is the way we will go to get started. Good Info!

  3. Terrific video! I am looking at this system, so this was perfect watching for me. Safe travels, my friends!

  4. We love ours .. (same model but with 2014 technology – slightly larger and heavier) … works for us! Your reviews are very thorough .. thanks for sharing!

  5. wayne thomas says:

    Glad you talked about the weight, one big reason we went for diesel pusher. Also, one of the big advantages of LiFePO4 batteries. The weight savings over flooded can offset the weight of the panels.

  6. pupcamper58 says:

    Thanks so much for this review. I will be buying one.

  7. Interesting, I purchased the same Renogy 100-watt Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase last year and it looks much different. Mine is 27"x20" and came with a 10amp EPSolar ViewStar charge controller. The recent changes to the product may be why the instructions you found on line didn't quite match up with what you received.

    While I am very happy with ours, I have to say the build quality of yours looks a little nicer, and the Renogy charge controller looks like higher quality then the one we received. Also ours did not include the temp sensor or the additional voltage monitor leads.

    Like I said, ours has been great, and it looks like yours is even better.

  8. Nos Dehgan says:

    Thanks guys ….. awesome video.. looking into one for ourselves…๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  9. Jim Pelley says:

    Is the case hard sided or soft? Wondering if the solar cells would be adequately protected while in storage?

  10. Does the unit need to be unclipped from the batteries if you want to run your generator to use the microwave or AC?

  11. Brett Hays says:

    Excellent review! You guys didn't leave anything out and now you make me want one of these portable units! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Excellent Review, can't wait to see your month averages on the solar. Bet it will save $$$Bucks .

  13. Tracy Kelvin says:

    Just bought it based on your video! I have a Renogy 100w on my roof, but I also wanted portable to give me the flexibility depending on sun situation, thanks to you I decided to go ahead and order the suitcase! Fair Dinkum Mate!

  14. Bob T says:

    Great review. Did your coach originally come with LED lights or did you swap them out? If you did swap them out, how big a difference did they make with regards to power consumption and lighting?

  15. Sewspcl says:

    I notice you already have your batteries linked together. What if you had a stand alone battery to the solar panel and a stand alone battery to the Coach? I have a class c with one house battery . Would I just put the negative on the solar battery and the positive on the coach battery? Need help! I have the exact same solar panel 100 watt suitcase. Thx

  16. Larry Kuhn says:

    when you quickly showed an rv rally you were at you video very quickly showed an rv with what looked like two of those solar panels hooked up out side an rv can you hook up more than one of those panel in seriesย ?it looked like the 10 min 11 sec part of youre video

  17. How do you charge your AC power divises? If I d'ont have a former solar system I guess I will have to buy an inverter too?…

  18. Here's a link to the Renogy 100 Watt Solar Suitcase with Charge Controller:

  19. Ooh. Bicycle lock looped around the solar panel legs that are screwed on……


  20. Mary Hiker says:

    Would this be enough power to charge a laptop all day while I work?

  21. Mary Hiker says:

    Which batteries on Amazon would I buy to go with this?

  22. Sue Hamilton says:

    Agree with you on the instructions. I'm not sure what kind of battery I have! (Newbie)

  23. bob woerner says:

    with this panel will it bring a deep cycle marine battery up to 12.6 from a current 11.0 reading over time ?

  24. I love my Renogy suitcase. I bought a longer extension in case I parked in the shade and had to move the suitcase out further to find sun.

  25. Great video… I was wondering, Have you installed a through the wall power plug in port to simply plug your solar charger into? I'm working on building me a rather large suit solar suitcase. I have two of the Renogy 150D panels, I plan on putting them together with aluminum hinges so they will open up into one rather large panel. I have also thought of installing a through the wall power plug so all I have to do is just plug in my panels. The plug on the wall on the RV will be wired directly to my battery bank. I think this would be a great idea for you, that way you wouldn't have to bother with opening the battery box every time you needed to connect your solar suitcase. I already set up two 100 watt panels with the hinges, and they open and close real easy. the hinges are made of thinner Aluminum, but yet they are very strong… Anyway, I just wanted toss this out there… thanks for the great videos and be safe out there…

  26. Abe Aleman says:

    excellent info! thanks!

  27. Jelle B says:

    horrible acting, thumbed down.

  28. Practice speaking without sounding like asking questions. Very annoying.
    Example: "It rotates through all the information automatically?" At 3:50

  29. I also sow this positively reviewed by another RV guy Nomadic Fanatic. I am contemplating in the future the RV living style, this is very, very helpful to see more than just one positive review.

  30. Nice review, thanks. Regarding connecting the solar panel to the batteries with the alligator clips, it is safer to connect the positive first and negative last. When disconnecting, unclip negative first and positive last. This minimizes sparking.

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