Red River Gorge in 4K | Bushcraft Backpacking, Hiking, and Hammock Camping in Daniel Boone NF


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30 Responses to “Red River Gorge in 4K | Bushcraft Backpacking, Hiking, and Hammock Camping in Daniel Boone NF”

  1. C J says:

    What’s up with the “Yo-Bear” that comes along now and then in your videos?

  2. Timanator says:

    I love these videos!!!

  3. j spades says:

    As a southern Ohioan who backpacks this place every time I can, even just the smell of ALE81 (the soda you guys were drinking at the end, it's a regional soda) brings back a flood of memories of the forest and a bit of a nostalgia wave. Glad to see you guys enjoying your trip.

  4. I like the extended fire segment.. I've been waiting for that in these videos. You seem so good at it

  5. Michael Nabb says:

    This one is one my favorite far from the trailhead to the falls?

  6. I'm impressed with the video quality of this channel guys. I started watching a 2018 video and now I've been going back and watching older videos. You can definitely see improvements you've made over the years but the quality of this 2015 video which is almost 4 years old is fantastic. Keep it up dudes.

  7. William Beck says:

    DUDES….Awesome video ……and hike! Liked👍Subscribed!

  8. Travis Ward says:

    +1 for the Jack Burton tank top!

  9. If you all ever come back to Red River Gorge, look up the book Hinterlands. Made by a long time hiker if the area. It’s the unofficial trail book someone created. Has views similar to what you saw on these trails. Hanson’s point and Indiana staircase are my favs

  10. I can’t believe you guys just stumbled upon Hanson’s point lol freaking awesome

  11. emu5088 says:

    I always thought that you should never touch a deadly mushroom because the residue can stay on your hand and you can end up ingesting it. Is that true? I noticed you've touched some poisonous and deadly mushrooms.

  12. I love outdoorsy & smart men ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Jake White says:

    I am surprised, by the quality of content being produced here, versus the quantity of views. Keep it up, can not wait to get out this season.

  14. funny! the editing on the wrong direction whilst heading the arch. funnnnny

  15. noa brockett says:

    Song sounds familiar, what is it?

  16. You guys were sleeping under a tarp while there are copper snakes in the area? 😂
    That's why i always use a tent. Lol

  17. W M says:

    Truly marvelous viewing.

  18. Wow, this is such a good and well made video. Incredible job and looks like it was a great hike too. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Jon Gaddis says:

    You guys somehow missed almost every awesome feature of the red.

  20. I love the passion for the plants and fungi. I graduated from Hocking College's wildlife resources management program and I know I annoy my hiking pals with unsolicited plant and animal information. I live in Heath and work at the Columbus Zoo so it is really cool to see you guys doing local vids on Zaleski, Wayne and Shale Hollow. Your videos are well put together. I don't usually watch hiking vids this long but your videos are edited in such a way that makes it hard to look away. Great stuff!

  21. thestew56 says:

    You guys are great. Thank you for this.

  22. Jack Totty says:

    What's the song that starts at the 11:26 minute mark? It has that Phil Lesh sounding bass

  23. What do you mean you cant backpack through hocking hills? I'm confused

  24. 5 1/2 miles to the site, pouring rain, thunder—still gotta get the shot!

  25. Okay, I have watched five of your videos now and I have to say, you guys have it ALL going on… You're bright, funny, and totally adorable to boot. I have been hiking trails for most of my 38 years, and have only just decided to start actual backpacking and vlogging my adventures starting this year, and you guys have quickly become my go-to for what I believe is the very best quality vlogging inspiration. It was awesome to come home from A Hard Day's Work, kick back, and watch another one of your videos for an hour… I also love identifying edible / medicinal plants and fungi! It's such a vital and fun skill to have!

    I lead a scouting troop in my area, called Navigators USA, and my favorite thing to do is take them out with the help of a couple other cool outdoorsy people I know, and show those kids how to survive in and enjoy the wilderness… I'm thinking I'm going to show them one of your videos, just have to pick the right one! 🙂 I know they'll love it. Thanks for all the work you do on these videos! I know it takes a lot!

  26. Bong Bong says:

    I like how you guys were able to capture the moss covered forest. Beautiful!

  27. I'm hoping one day the bear says Yo Robby.

  28. TNT Thompson says:

    I love the the rrg watch out for the rattlers, copperheads, and mocassins.

  29. Great video. AWESOME production level. Really enjoyed it. Though the sleeping on the open ground made me nervous. The Gorge is BAD for copperheads. I couldnt do that. Got to have my Eureka or my ENO. 20:24 Speaking of the Venomous Copperhead. BE-CAREFUL, that snake is VERY aggressive and will strike without warning. 42:24 OMG.THIS is why I love living here. Great Video.

  30. I live near this area, great video!!

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