Poison Ivy Falls – Kejimkujik National Park – Backcountry Hiking in Nova Scotia


We take a tour deep in the backcountry in Kejimkujik National Park towards an area of the park called Poison Ivy Falls. There are no actual falls, but there is a lot …


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6 Responses to “Poison Ivy Falls – Kejimkujik National Park – Backcountry Hiking in Nova Scotia”

  1. VA7BC says:

    Beautiful part of our country. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tancrad says:

    heading there tomorrow, 26 or 32, cant wait to be back. one thing that always gets me is i let my mind wonder about what could be in that giant lake.

  3. Jim Cyr says:

    thanks for watching!

  4. Jim Cyr says:

    good stuff, good thing the lake isn't very deep 😉

  5. Jim Cyr says:

    and the bugs weren't that bad

  6. Just discovered this video by chance.  As I was growing up my family used to spend a week in this park every summer, but we weren't content with staying with the crowds at Jeremy Bay campground.  We went everywhere you could get to by canoe.  When I realized where you were in the park, I wondered if you'd show the boulder.  And you did!  I haven't been in the park for over thirty years now and I miss it.

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