Part 1 Appalachian Trail 2014 Thru-hike Documentary


Appalachian Trail 2014 Thru-hike Documentary. This is a pretty detailed and hopfully entertaining video of my north bound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.


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39 Responses to “Part 1 Appalachian Trail 2014 Thru-hike Documentary”

  1. BUCK SOLO says:

    Epic adventure Rob. I felt your pain when cold & wet & the only one to pull you out of it was you & God giving you the strength of course : ). It's easy to switch off in those conditions but you made it or we wouldn't be watching your video lol. Thanks for taking us on the trail buddy. Good stuff.

  2. brassdog89 says:

    Great vid! Who sings the version of "Rocky Top" at 31:40? Can you post an audio link of it? Thanks!

  3. Great production Rob! I hiked Georgia last year with another hiker that thru hiked. My wife and I met her on and off all the way to Katahdin so I'm enjoying seeing the sites we missed as we drove.

  4. Michael Lett says:

    I really enjoyed this Rob, I am just about to start my own journey across the Spanish Pyrenees.  My only peeve is you referring to yourself as "we".  Great video hopefully someday I can do this trail.

  5. ErlefromVa says:

    How awesome to have your daughter Evergreen join you for part of the trip! Love your vid and looking forward to catching Part II. To date looks like you having a trip of your life. Easy to notice the energy pic up as you joined others company at the many Hostels. HH

  6. Micah Pexa says:

    Awesome video, man! I'm thinking to do it in 2-3 years when I get my finances sorted out. Just doing some basic preliminary research now, and your video gives me a great feel for what this trail is all about. Like your idea about starting earlier in the year for the heat, but guess you lose out on some of the social aspect? Anyway, looking forward to Part 2 whenever that comes out.

  7. Great work with the documentary! I look forward to part 2. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm planning on leaving for my thru attempt mid-February in 2016 – I agree with your thoughts on leaving early, especially with staying away from the bubble. Any particular advice for leaving then? Did you carry traction devices for snow/ice? Thanks for any thoughts – Rodney

  8. 12:39 are you not allowed to build a fire on that campsite?

  9. Rob, what are your thoughts about a woman completing the AT alone? I know many others have done it; however, are there MAJOR concerns, in your opinion?

  10. pranakaw says:

    Thank you for this. I dream of hiking the AT, and your videos bring it's beauty to my living room. Great job!

  11. Bruce Smith says:

    Great video and very much like the "Survivorman" show by Les Stroud with his home-brew camera rigging. Even your appearance is similar. Just no harmonica though. I am curious how you were able to swing 6 months time away from the office to do the trek.

  12. Thank you Hiker78. I'm genuinely grateful for any feedback and help. Rob has been very helpful via email. if you are okay with sharing your email, I'd really like to add you to my friends. If you would rather be friends on FB, my name is Kimberly Miyakawa. THANK YOU AGAIN.

  13. BreadNButter says:

    Thank you so much for these vids man… I'm 65 yr old female and it's still my dream to thru hike the AT.. I hike a lot and at this point it's just the mean cash that's holding me back but I gotta really get serious about saving cash as my knees are getting worse and I'm not getting any younger!!! thanks again Rob I really appreciate that you did this 🙂

  14. Ron Briz says:

    Thanks for sharing. I've sectioned hiked from Approach Trail of Springer to Pine Grove Furnace State Park, PA. This brought back a lot of good memories of our hikes. This is really a nice family friendly video to share with others. Briz

  15. sandapunk says:

    How much weight did you lose?

  16. Matt Gross says:

    Such a great job. Great music. thanks for the memories of my own thru – hike several years ago. much appreciated!

  17. Jesse Smyser says:

    Great footage, thanks for sharing. You did a better job at capturing some of the key spots than most people do.

  18. Jesse Smyser says:

    Dropping your camera at clingmans dome is priceless!

  19. Victor Burk says:

    Nice Video.  Thanks for posting.  How fitting that you would put in the song "Country Roads" as you were about to enter West Virginia!  I remember when the song came out and it is one of my all time favorites.  I plan to hike the trail when I retire from teaching.

  20. Kam Jo says:

    Did I miss it? What was your trail name? GREAT video..thank you for sharing!

  21. BAMA GRAD says:

    I can't help but wonder how people older than college student can afford the 6-7 months out of work to complete the AT.

  22. Frank says:

    Simple, pure, enjoyable, really very nice video. And very proud of your daughter.

  23. Awesome video!! Well done. I'm March 13, 2017 NoBo.

  24. dwcoyote says:

    Is there a part 2, for some reason I can't find it. Thanks. Great video. Planning AT thru hike in 2023 when I retire and my oldest finishes high school.

  25. swatsullivan says:

    Ah, man. Just started watching this again and no sound. Says the music is copyrighted. So all audio is deleted. Disappointing.

  26. Very good vid man. What make and model of tent, bag and pack?

  27. HONDO SMITH says:

    Rob, was that a Big Agnes UL 2 ?? I have the UL1 and yours looks a bit larger in the video.

  28. Ruby x says:

    Do you have part 2?

  29. bps804 says:

    where did part 2 go?

  30. Miss you Figgy!  This is Maddie (Stumbles)

  31. deanmoriarty says:

    Rob, I've gone to your channel and just can't find part 2. Could you please point me in the right direction? Great video by the way!

  32. Is there a Part 2 for your AT hike?

  33. great video, but where is part 2? 🙁

  34. Julie Ames says:

    Hi Rob, Where can I find Part 2?

  35. great video, so awesome you got your daughter out there as well

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