Paria Outdoors Breeze Mesh Bivy – Product Review


For all info and specs or to order check out their website: …


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12 Responses to “Paria Outdoors Breeze Mesh Bivy – Product Review”

  1. HP OUTDOORS says:

    That looks awesome for star gazing and hot summer nights

  2. Love2Wander says:

    Very cool thanks for sharing

  3. That view is amazing!!

  4. Nice review, I like the openness it offers.

  5. Don Milligan says:

    Nice review, I was kinda hoping to see how you get in and out. Thumbs up

  6. Nice, it must have been a great view before ZZZzzz…
    My only concern is trusting the weather, it never seems to be accurate… Thanks for sharing

  7. Lucky to see it up close, pretty neat and I like the top opening.

  8. I’ve enjoyed mine so far! Nice video Jason!

  9. Strutter says:

    Nice reveiw. Nice bivy.

  10. JS says:

    How do you get in if you have a tarp over it?

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