Pacific Crest Trail Documentary: A YEAR OF ICE AND FIRE


After releasing the full Appalachian Trail video a lot of people asked if there would be a full movie version of my PCT thru-hike. So I decided to make a full …


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23 Responses to “Pacific Crest Trail Documentary: A YEAR OF ICE AND FIRE”

  1. My brother posted this video on FB saying he made a cameo in your video. 1:05:02 😂😂😂

  2. I've watched all three of your through-hike documentaries over the past week or so and I've become a huge fan. Your grit and determination are impressive and I love your southern charm (I, too, am from the south). Your decision to quit the rat race and follow your dreams are causing me to reevaluate my life and make some critical decisions in the near future. I'm about twice your age, so I don't have anymore time to waste. I hope to meet you at your speaking engagement scheduled in Charlotte, NC later this summer. God bless, Dixie!!

  3. Congrats Dixie, wonderful documentary, you are very strong, an example! I'm brazilian but the PCT is in my list!

  4. VANAFILM says:

    Do you have soundtrack lists? I love the music you used!

  5. Brilliant account and accomplishment. I really enjoyed it.

  6. Nick Letner says:

    That was fun following you on your adventure, your definitely an inspiration and I cant wait to complete the trail myself! I wish you many safe and exciting adventures ahead!

  7. Thank you for a truly inspiring documentary. It realle inspires me to hike the pct one day. The planning has started <3

  8. haney223 says:

    is there any way i could get your help on how to go about getting permits and what all i would need to do the through hike of the PCT?

  9. neekota says:

    The fried chicken and squirrel comment had me dying. 😀


  10. Agnosticarab says:

    Wow! Watched it with my daughter. We’re both backpacking fanatics. We’ll do this one soon. Amazing video!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Love the raw emotions and courage. You're an awesome inspiration!

  12. NW Hiker says:

    WOW, this is AWE~mazing!… Thank you

  13. 62 miles!!! Woop Woop!!

  14. One of the most remarkable adventures a person could go on. I'm so proud of Dixie for making the journey. I couldn't stop watching. Only wish I could do it myself. Congratulations!!

  15. momo says:

    I am a clutz and terrified of heights so I admire your will on all these trails LOL. I'd prob poop myself the whole way up a few of those climbs LOL

  16. Giulio Testa says:

    Hello! I'm Giulio and I'm writing to you from Italy. Fantastic country, do you know Italy? hehe !! Congratulations for your adventure. Gorgeous. I did Te Araroa in New Zealand. 3000 km but with a lot of mud and rain! In a couple of years I would like to do PCT and I would have 5-6 questions that may be useful to others too. Here they are:
    1) Did you use Guthook?
    2) How do you find your way in the snow? Are there signs for example on the rocks?
    3) I saw that it rained a few times, confirm?
    4) How many total nights did you spend approximately in your tent?
    5) Why did the sleeping bag get wet and you had to go back to town?
    6) Speaking about sleeping bag, which one did you have and what was the temperature?
    7) I have a zpacks hexamid solo plus tent, do you think it's ok?
    Thanks a lot and the next adventure 🙂

  17. Jill Aubin says:

    I have the same bracelet for Katahdin! What a great video, and congratulations!

  18. I just re-watched this and re-loved every second. So many moments struck me again, but the part where you teared up really got to me, because that is the only time I recall you showing emotion caused by fear, and it stands out because you are the bravest woman I have ever seen. Even when you crossed paths with the mountain lion on the CDT you weren’t that scared (or at least didn’t get that emotional) . You definitely made the right call to wait before that crossing, and it paid off. I am so glad you went back to Snoqualmie Pass when you did too! It was in similar weather (actually worse) that Kris Fowler disappeared the year before, and they are still looking for him. My favorite scene is when you asked the spider to eat some mosquitos, and BAM, he caught one! Great catch by him and you!!! I am watching you, Fancy and mom doing your missed PCT spots now, and loving it. You are my hero, Dixie!

  19. Linda Tijsma says:

    So thankful for you filming this ..the very best crest trek iv ever seen

  20. justa guy says:

    Awesome! I clicked on this video out of curiosity and watched it in one sitting. So cool t

  21. So you got to experience the cold in the Pacific Northwest. I have lived here most of my life and I can say its brutal at times. It will chill you to the bone but at the same time offer you incomparable beauty. I am so proud of you for sticking with it. The Pacific Northwest is no joke. Great job on finishing. I really enjoyed watching the whole video. Can't wait for to watch the CDT video! You have definitely inspired me.

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