Oztrail Mitchell King Swag review, 4×4 camping


Hi Folks this is just a short review on my trusty old Swag which has served me well over the past 6 or so years. I share my thoughts and opinions on the swag.


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  1. DENMONKEY says:

    I've never understood swag owners. For the size they pack down to and for their weight you could have a much larger tent set up.
    Also crawling on your guts to enter one of these via the end in the rain so you don't have to open the top to let water in its just no fun. The just don't make sense in any way. Blackwolf and darchie do some swag type style tents for around $100 or under which are considerably more packable. Granted they're not near as heavy duty. Thx for the vid

  2. VerticleXBL says:

    I'm 17, just got my p's & already love going 4wding! Only recently discovered you when I was searching YouTube for some 4wding tips & already love your videos! Keep up the good work!

    P.s if you end up going to turf your old swag I'll happily take it off your hands! Cheers.

  3. Mine has the PVC base, so no worries there. And as for the middle pole, I just don't use it, swag sets up ok with just the end poles..

  4. Joe Mulgrew says:

    Great for a hot country but if it is wet you want to have space under cover to change clothing. Better with a two man tent , mat and sleeping bag . I have used this swag and tried the tent method. It's also better with the tent for bugs.

  5. Good review +Ronny Dahl you can certainly tell you've spent a few nights in it with a detailed review like this. I see what you mean about that centre pole, that would drive me nuts as well. But then again, any poles are too much effort for me with a swag, I like being able to just tie one end to a tree and go to sleep 🙂

  6. Alex Waters says:

    I have a dune out back and love it and is the same designno don't have a problem me mantras is almost 10 cm thick the middle pole is tight so it don't fall out

  7. Nothing like experience and be able to share.
    Thanks Ronny. that was an eye opener as always.with your frank and straight to the point critic.
    Looking forward to the next clip.

  8. Angus Wright says:

    I've had a Lachlan king (basically just a deluxe version of the mitchell) for the last 4 and a half years and it has been great. Thicker mattress, heavier canvas, pvc base. Oztrail went to the pvc base for a few years but they have gone back to a canvas base now due to the water sealing issues in the join to the canvas. 

  9. Wade Russell says:

    Hey Ronny,

    Do you use any special waterproofing method on your swag or do you just rely on the Oztrail factory waterproofing?


  10. Ronny Dahl says:

    @Wade Russell I dont use any waterproofing however I lightly spray the canvas with water mist and then let it dry which I believe seals it quite well.

  11. Ade Larsen says:

    I added a Thermarest self inflating mattress as well. I use the large heavy duty military version that costs about 150 dollars. I put it on top of the existing mattress and it rolls up and decompresses with the swag. I also put up a OD green hootchie above the swag.

  12. cody barr says:

    I have the new model of the swag and has the same setup only it has 2 poles at back and front so they have fixed the 3 pole setup but mattress is the same

  13. Sam Baker says:

    If it starts to rain when u r in it will u get wet?

  14. Jack Dawson says:

    got the same swag and have had it for about 6 years.  normally dont set up the poles or if i do i leave out the middle one. not too fussy.  I think 2 improvements would be the mattress and i would have liked heavier duty straps with webbing between the buckles for a sort of handle. other than that for less than $200 cant complain too much. great value for money

  15. this swag looks exactly like my oztrail glenrowan.

  16. A3203503 says:

    Can you expand on what was wrong with the canvas bottom?

  17. Leo Sanabria says:

    Great review +Ronny Dahl, I have the same swag and I totally agree about the mattress, it is horrible.  I resorted to putting a self inflating one ontop of the existing mattress.  I should really head to Clark Rubber and have a better foam one cut 🙂

  18. hawks667 says:

    Swag on a stretcher…that's where its at!!

  19. G. Rider says:

    Had that exact same swag for about 3yrs now. I had the same issue with the centre pole velcro so stitched in some stainless stud/button thingos on loops, works a treat now. The mattress is crap, especially with my dodgy back but laying one of those 12mm closed cell foam mattresses over the top helped quite a bit. I did the set up & wet it down, let it dry method to swell the stitching & sprayed the bottom with a silicone based waterproofing agent. Been through some torrential nights down Pemberton & has kept me bone dry without using a ground sheet. For a budget swag I can't complain.

  20. I have the newer version with the non canvas tub flooring. I too found the whole getting past the center hoop a pain. So set the sway on a stretcher cot bed. A lot easier to get of of and help make the mattress more comfortable. But now have bought the Kings Double swag..way more room and the spreader bar helps it stay upright without guy ropes 😉

  21. I wish they sold something like this in the US. Tent and mattress all in one.

  22. Luis Cannon says:

    Mine has a waterproof PVC floor and thicker pegs and a 60mm mattress.

  23. cerby86 says:

    I have the slightly older version of this. It would have to be 10 years old I reckon. Only real difference is the flap at the head end rolls up on the outside rather than zipping up on the inside like ronny's version. Overall I have been stoked with mine. I bought it after spending a night in the car after my tent leaked and I have never once gotten wet. All I did was hose it down when I first got it. I haven't used any other swags so I can't compare the mattresses but I will say I went out and bought a 20mm foam mat and put it under the standard mattress maybe a year ago. It never used to worry me but as I've put on weight I have been struggling with the mattress. I NEVER use the middle pole. I've put it in maybe twice in the entire time I've had the swag. I hate having to wriggle out past it and I hate rolling over and touching the thing in the night and getting an icy shock. I put the end poles in stretch the base out as much as possible and crank the guy ropes up HARD. Works perfect. The only thing I've had go wrong with it is I recently snapped a pole. It sucks but I'm actually really happy with them. I mean I've NEVER had anything with poles this strong. I lean on the top pole HARD when I'm putting my boots on. I pretty much LAY on the top pole when I decide I want to roll up the outside flap at the head. I treated those poles like SHIT and they took it for ten years! I reckon they only broke now cos I'm heavier now lol. I put one cable tie round the cracked end of the pole and it's back to work getting abused as before so yeah STRONG POLES. Zippers are great! I'm a bastard for pulling the canvas to unzip the zippers just like your NOT meant to but yeah never once a problem. I recently spend a couple of weeks in the Vic Highlands and had snow and one night I had frost on the inside of the swag!! I had a $15 reject shop doona and an unzipped old sleeping bag and slept like a baby lol. Overall I have been stoked with my mitchell. The only thing that would be better is doing the flap at your head like ronnies is and they started doing that the year after I got mine lol. The only sign of wear on my swag now is a slight fading of the canvas on top from the sun. Now I'm looking at getting something new only becuase a mate for an arb Skydome swag and I now want a swag I can sit up in and also something with the pole across the top. If oztrail made something like that ( the winton is too low 🙁 ) I would buy it in a heartbeat. As it is I'm not looking at maybe the darche dusk till dawn but genuinely really worried that it won't live up to the old oztrail and I'll hate it lol.

  24. Joe Gamble says:

    seasoning does wonders

  25. jeremy glen says:

    Mine has a PVC floor and i love sleeping in it, i also haven't had any issues about it

  26. R_Y_N says:

    I think my swag is great

  27. There’s something warm and genuine about a Ronny Dahl review. Keep up the good work Ron

  28. Kingdevel says:

    Have you tried Outback Swags yet? We just got some and was wondering if you had any experience with them?

  29. Brett Hooper says:

    Might be worth looking at the Kulkyne Single Swag to: https://www.kulkyne.com.au/single-swags

  30. Guy says:

    i have this swag and i hate how the middle pole connects on both sides

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