Osprey Talon 44 Backpack Review


Osprey’s lightest multi-day backpack, the Talon 44 features a streamlined design for those who want to keep their gear organized. With its light weight and …


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22 Responses to “Osprey Talon 44 Backpack Review”

  1. What a great bag.

    Thanks so much for doing this video.


  2. good lord, just knocking these videos out.
    they're fantastic.

  3. JumpTheMap says:

    Dude, I haven't slept in ages. I just wanna get all these up online and off my hard drive before I hit the hay.
    Thanks for watching!

  4. archmage164 says:

    Once again great review. I love what your doing. You seem to be all over the whistle on the sternum strap. You mention it in every video. I just picked up the Atmos 35, based on your review, the whistle is a bit of a let down. Not really high pitched, and a little bit off on the whistle

  5. JumpTheMap says:

    Haha, I know, the whistle thing is getting old.
    I keep repeating because I don't expect people to have seen any of the other videos.
    As for the whistle itself, It's just one of those little things that doesn't cost anything extra and should just be there. It doesn't have to be awesome, just present and usable enough to be heard a little ways.

  6. Danster82 says:

    what is a hydration bladder?

  7. H.N MEAH says:

    is it me or do guys who know something really well like camping, horse riding and just generall stuff slightly turn you on? Or am i just a bit of a pervert?

  8. yosup84 says:

    yo jumpthemap can i request a review of the osprey kestrel 48? i just got it and i think its an excellent bag that is highly adjustable! pkus i got it on sale for a 100 dollars at sports challet. the sale ends this week. get it now before its too late.

  9. yosup84 says:

    lol the battery died out… lol nice save… lol

  10. big fan of your videos…. hope to see some reviews on electronic items as well

  11. Hey,
    I'm fifteen and going on a two day/one night trek/hike with my Duke of Edinburgh team (probably not heard of DofE, I'm Scottish hahaa) I have to buy my own rucksack and the one I choose will be my first so I am really not sure on how to find a suitable one…I have to carry a sleeping bag, tent, food, clothes, etc and I don't know what type of rucksack to buy based on what I need to carry and the expedition I am doing…?
    Thanks 😀

  12. Calum7 says:

    I've just ordered mine in the "meteorite" colour. Cant wait to get it.

  13. Ryan David says:

    thanks man. just ordered one of these based off of your review. PUMPED!!!

  14. lonepanther says:

    Is this backpack ideal for backpacking across europe?

  15. I would go for the Waypoint for travelling as it is easier to pack / access stuff due to not being a top load and being a side load. It is good enough for hiking also.

  16. bedarda says:

    Thanks! Just got my Talon 44 ( HumbleOutdoors $90) last week. Love it. Thanks Again

  17. just watch 5 videos in a row!!! so relaxing dude!

  18. MsTomGerry says:

    I went oudoor for 5 months with this one. Very good one if you take care of it. The back part and hip straps sizes are a little bit too large though. You can also take out the top part and expand the side pockets for more versatility.

  19. Skyy Pham says:

    have the model changed from then till now?

  20. Robbie York says:

    Had no idea there was a whistle on my pack! :). Thanks. It's a great bag. Used it on Mount Adams a few times and taking it up Shasta soon. Great as a 2-3 day pack up to 30-35 lbs. Love it!

  21. I have a question. Might be stupid. But how come the talon 44 has bigger dimensions than the stratos 50 if the stratos is 50L and the talon is 44L??

  22. rosierazorex says:

    Emergency at 2:12 SEND HELP

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