Osprey Exos 48L review


I’ve used this pack for a year now and it’s been nothing but a pleasant experience, from comfort to durability this pack has it all.


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36 Responses to “Osprey Exos 48L review”

  1. OutLan says:

    Nice pack! Might have to upgrade my Kestrel to this. Thanks for the review.

  2. Johnny Jelko says:

    I have the 38l and love it. Soo many features, probably too many for me. And with my current setup I could probably use the extra ten liters for weekend trips. you you taught me a couple things I didn't know about it, thanks!

  3. T Mac says:

    Thanks for another great review. I think you have helped me make up my mind.

  4. Looks like a nice pack. So different from the pack I am still using and like, an original GoLite Breeze pack, since 2001.

  5. Jack Gray says:

    Osprey are awesome I have a volt 60 love it. The atmos 48 will be my next. Great video

  6. Great review Jason. I almost bought that pack and then ended up with the Stratos 50. Still kinda wish I went with the Exos but my buddy grabbed it first and I wanted to try something different. Take care.

  7. kobracom77 says:

    Thanks for this review, I was already going to get this for my next pack. This just let me know I have made the right choice. My Osprey Aether 60 for longer trips, carries weight very well. I now need a smaller lighter pack for the ever changing setups.

  8. Andrew Levy says:

    Another great review. Already have the 58L pack but new to it and interested in finding all the features out. Never would have found that whistle. Also as far as defects, Osprey personally offers an incredible guarantee which is what really sold me on it over the ULA circuit …also hockey ftw.

  9. Bepp 805 says:

    What happened to your newest video? I liked it bro.

  10. Brian Bailey says:

    Can you give a weight on the top lid?

  11. Raymond Chen says:

    Thanks for the review. Did you consider the Osprey Talon 44 before purchasing the Exos 48L? Just curious if you did and whether you noted any pro/cons between the 2 packs.

  12. Finally a good review. So many "reviews" are just showing the pack's features. It's nice to see a review about how everything worked and held up over year.

  13. Diane Miller says:

    EXCELLENT review, best I've seen. Thanks much for taking the time to talk about the important stuff that everyone else glosses over. I can't believe your pack is a year old–it looks brand new. I'm wondering if this might work for a female. I'm 5'4", 114 lbs, and have the Osprey Mira 26. LOVE the ventilation system, but need a bigger pack for winter hiking.

  14. Brad Smith says:

    Thanks for the excellent review. Been using my Gregory g pack for about ten years for three season backpacks of all lengths and it's finally starting to wear down. May need to replace it soon and this pack looked very good as a replacement and this review may have done it. Again thank you.

  15. eds604x says:

    Useful review thanks! Just bought the Exos 58 and was wondering what half the stuff on it was for 😀

  16. abigcess says:

    no squeaking issues?

  17. stowe18 says:

    My blue and white Exos 48 is arriving tomorrow — very excited… Backcountry.com has them for $142 at the moment, so I did an impulse buy on it. Hopefully my wife doesn't kick my butt too much about it – as I already own the Aether 60 as well. Thanks to you and Sintax77 (among a couple others) my wallet is getting lighter, quickly. Nice review!

  18. Steve Pike says:

    I would like to ask if you could select any bag, would you still choose the Osprey 48? Please link a few that you would suggest? Thanks in advance and truly enjoying the new beginner series!

  19. Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful!

  20. I had mine for around 300 AT miles before i started having issues

  21. Hello from Russia!
    Please tell me what backpack is better for what? –
    I can't choose :(? – Osprey Exos 48 vs Osprey Kestrel 48 ?

  22. fantastic review! I just wanted to ask, does the neck strap move against your neck? I tried it on in the store and it was tight against the back of my neck so I'm wary of chafing. thanks a lot!

  23. my torso is 19 1/4 just wondering what a good size is for this backpack?

  24. I have a similar setup to yours as far as hammock, quilts, tarp, cooking system etc. Do you think you could fit your current setup (for 5 days) in the 38 liter version? I noticed your buddy Garry carries the 38 although he does have a little different setup. I really appreciate your videos. They are very informative and entertaining!

  25. Done says:

    Thanks for the review. I just grabbed one for $142 w/ free rain cover. Sweet deal!

  26. Scott Taylor says:

    I just got this pack today from Amazon. I am already amazed. I should have watch this review before, but I don't think I'm going to regret this purchase. I went on a friend's recommendation and very glad I did. Thank you for the review.

  27. Ryan Vincent says:

    is that a medium size or small size torso?

  28. Roger Adams says:

    Well as to the flap jack cover…I would opt to having a zipper sewed there for easy removal & reattaching…
    In my opinion that is what I would do my self..Happy Trails

  29. James Vici says:

    Best review of this bag on Youtube. Been thinking of getting this bag and I think I'm convinced, thanks for the review!

  30. ngozumpa says:

    Does anyone know how big is the hip belt pocket on the Exos 48? I need
    to put a Samsung Note 5 there as my GPS/camera. It has about the same
    dimensions (153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm / 6.03 x 3.00 x 0.30 in) as an iPhone 6 Plus or LG G4/5. Cheers.

  31. shramj says:

    Excellent job on the review, I just pulled the hammer on this pack.

  32. Robert Croll says:

    You should work for Osprey, their user manuals are pathetic, so I checked a few reviews and this was what I was looking for. A review that shows you how to use the pack. Thanks

  33. Lance Michel says:

    Oh you're good at this!

  34. Lucky Hiker says:

    Another great review video!

  35. Good stuff. As always, well done.

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