Oregon Overland Jeep Adventure – Epic Camping, Old Ruins, Hot Springs and the Alvord Desert


Oregon Overland Jeep Adventure – Alvord Desert, Old Ruins, Hot Springs and Epic Camp Sites An epic Jeep Overland Car Camping adventure out near the …


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34 Responses to “Oregon Overland Jeep Adventure – Epic Camping, Old Ruins, Hot Springs and the Alvord Desert”

  1. How do you feel about not traveling with a winch? I started carrying a manual cable puller as a back up to get out of a tough situation.

  2. Casey I just love your videos and so glad you take us along on your adventures and are so thorough with such details on each site. But I always fear you will run out of gas. As I have a 4-dr Jeep Wrangler and don’t feel like it gets the best gas mileage just day to day travels. Safe travels and looking forward to your next video. 😊🙏🏼

  3. xdmkii says:

    How much gas do you take with you on a trip like this (aside from what's in your tank)?

  4. Love the far SE of Oregon, Steens Mt, Trout Creek mts, Owyhee river country etc.

  5. Shawn Neal says:

    I think I would give my right hand to camp at that overlook there at the end of this video. Haven't seen anything that beautiful for a long time.

  6. How do u like the new Jeep

  7. brian olson says:

    Need to get your ham tech license and a good mobile 2/70 (144/440) radio so when you have no cell service you still can call for help.

  8. JWP 64 says:

    You and Jason at Primal really make me miss Oregon. All that public land to explore is amazing!

  9. uclimb3 says:

    Awesome. So beautiful out there. 👍👍👍

  10. schmen226 says:

    Just out of curiosity, given you are not driving highway speeds what would you say your range is with your tank and pods? Have you ever run dry or do you map out your bingo before you head out? Great stuff!

  11. I never knew ticks were an issue in the desert

  12. Great trip, beautiful scenery …

  13. Two take aways…. always probe water crossings (if possible), and invest in a sat phone or garmin in reach satellite gps…

  14. Ooooo you have sausage and sauerkraut and mustard…. you are eating good my friend!

  15. Sorry for the multiple posts…. but always like and learn from your videos…

  16. Casey,
    These are great videos, much more informative and educational than just Jeep rock crawling videos. Love your Jeep and the music.
    I just bought a new 2019 Wrangler S unlimited on 8/4/19, and love it. I’m more interested in what I can do off road on foot or mountain bike than what my Jeep can do.
    Former OR resident, 1967-1990 in Lebanon, Woodburn,, Salem, and finally, Keizer, OR.

  17. Kelp Farming says:

    Im wondering if all these youtubes where people bring us along that before Youtube these were the people that liked to talk alot?

  18. DingDingDing says:

    goffee and chiggen fried snake

  19. sarah says:

    Casey you need to get yourself a woman 😉

  20. sarah says:

    The shelf video with the binoculars was epic! Lol! The 50 caliber shell falls from helicopters and planes. The military test exercises out there.

  21. Patti Leetun says:

    Really enjoy your long videos, story telling is quite captivating!

  22. Wolf H says:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Ali Mostafa says:

    Your videos are inspiring I love that outdoor activities. Going camping overnight. Yours is wonderful.

  24. Beth Kirk says:

    Thanks for sharing. I first watched your Jeep fire video. Glad you weren't injured. Hope all is well.

  25. SMITH BOYS says:

    Great video buddy but it would have been cool if you would have filmed more of the camp site at the end I wasn’t ready for it to end

  26. Dyshof TV says:

    An amazing trip as usual. That's all what it needs. Thanks for inspiring me. Regards from Switzerland

  27. Terry M says:

    Wilson makes a Cellular amplifier,
    I used one in the ozarks, and oil/gas fields, where do one had service, I did..
    Might be worth the small investment…

  28. Joe Cerda says:

    Awesome video…as always…what RTT is that?

  29. Joe Cerda says:

    What bag did you put your grill in?

  30. I need to hit that area up. It's 3 hours from my house. It just seems, every time I remember about it, it's the wet season. I'd love to visit the Playa when it's dry and not soup.

  31. Collin Blake says:

    Do you have any suspension mods on your jeep? I have a 2016 4Runner with almost every mod except the suspension and I'm weighing the pros and cons. Love your videos!

  32. John Kennedy says:

    What brand are those pants? Really enjoying the videos. Time for a winch maybe?

  33. Ryan Vargas says:

    This was a great episode amigo. Do you or have you considered carrying any kind of radio as well?

  34. Casey, I live in Southern Oregon l am new to overlanding and have completed a new rig. Would you be interested in putting together a trip to help some of us interested in getting deeper into overlanding but may need a buddy for support in case a problem arises. Would you be up for a late spring or early summer trip 2020?


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