These are two items by OEX that I recently purchased brand new on eBay from Outdoor Returns. They were absolute bargains! Thought I would make a short …


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  1. can't find the shop, search Outdoor Returns and nothing!

  2. Bargain mate. What fabric is the rain jacket made from?

  3. Bargain… YES! Good stuff. 👍 crack on Tom. Tks for sharing. 👍

  4. John King says:

    Mmm! Not really my style nor colour, but they can be seen as a bargain, Tom. Take care…

  5. Love David Brent! Bargains mate, thanks for letting us know, I'm checking them out now

  6. GO Out Gibbo says:

    Hi mate, I have a shout out for you in my latest video.

  7. I agree that OEX kit doesn't seem to be as bad as some of the very low-end stuff that Go Outdoors stock. I bought one of their self-inflating sleeping mats last year and I've very pleased with it. They claim somewhere that OEX is British designed, I believe.

  8. Cheers Tom, I was in Go Outdoors earlier today and they have the red jacket on sale at £75 just now. I tried it on and it fitted perfect, but I haven't bought it yet. I knew from watching your videos that you had one and I wanted to ask you first what you actually think of it? now that you've had it for a while. Atb Glenn.

  9. The hoodie says it retails for £55 but go outdoors have them for sale at £30, I’ve seen people on eBay bid more for a returned item than what they could buy it from go outdoors with no faults.

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