Nandi Hills Bangalore – Best Tourist Place


Nandi Hills Bangalore Best Tourist Places To See In Bangalore List : All Photos and Videos are captured in Lumia 520. Please let me know your thoughts on this video. Thanks for watching..! 🙂


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21 Responses to “Nandi Hills Bangalore – Best Tourist Place”

  1. Vishal Goud says:

    woww…nice place 😉 wats da best time to visit dis place?

  2. Dear Jupiter, i am planning to go in the middle of December 2014 month from Chennai. could you guide me about some good (budget) hotels and what other places can be seen there?

  3. Bro, thanks for the video. i would like to know 1 thing
    What is the best time to be there? i think this video was captured early morning. evenings are also will be foggy like this??

  4. CAD Teacher says:

    hi i am from nandi and nandi is my native this place is very cool and many people come to visit this hills i am suggest u to visit the bhoga nandishwara temple which is below the hills place called nandi and there is one more place known as kanive basavanna its near to nandi many other places like sr. M. vishweshwaraya brith place is near 1km for there..

  5. CAD Teacher says:

    here is the best rote guide if u come majestic from there direct train is available u need to get the Bangalore to  chikaballapur train in majestic  u can get ticket to nandi. from the Railway station its awesome u will see many temples as mentioned below this the best guide to go nandi…

  6. Thanks Mr.Jupiter Alappat for your video and back ground music is fantastic.very nice.

  7. I been there many times…Please don't go there during summer season…..tandoor banjaoge-)

  8. Jobin Thomas says:

    really good place,next time i will surely visit.

  9. i want to see this kind of fog nd wnt to shoot at night and morning which time is better

  10. Bro best time to visit nandhi hills

  11. Dont eat anything on shitty hotels over there… Disgusting.. People

  12. We also visited it few days ago truly amazing place.. people curious can watch this video.

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