My PCT Gear Returns | Pacific Crest Trail


This video covers a few items that I returned after learning that they were very unnecessary! If you haven’t already, check out my video on what I actually did …


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12 Responses to “My PCT Gear Returns | Pacific Crest Trail”

  1. EA LA says:

    Thanks for sharing. I bought the Goal Zero and haven't used it. No, one else has posted this type of video. Appreciated!

  2. Hey, sometimes you need to buy stuff, and hike with it, to figure you don't actually need it.
    You missed one vital thing! It doesn't weigh anything, will give you hours of pleasure, and loads of info!

    Have a great hike!

  3. nice video. use a tent peg if you must dig, but smearing is better as it allow the Pooh to decompose faster.

  4. Bee Jonesie says:

    Wow, I'm so glad I watched this video! I couldn't decide if I should bring my Goal Zero on my section hike coming up soon because of the weight. I had no idea that you need the other part to make it charge! I will definitely NOT be bringing that with me now, thanks to you 🙂

  5. KuntryRD says:

    I expect you have save a lot of people lots of money and frustration with this video. More hikers should do this type of video. Nice.

  6. kookiemoose says:

    I once saw an AT thru hiker carrying one of those barbecue fuel tanks. He carried it 30mls from Springer Mtn (S. Terminus). His stove was one of those Colman double burners that is perfect for car camping.

    I also met an AT thru hiker who started off Springer Mtn carrying two of everything. When I say everything I mean, yea, everything. Boots, pack, tent, sleeping bag, stove… Thankfully Neel Gap is only 30mls in.

    The internet is very helpful when planning a hike, but it certainly slowed down the entertainment factor when it comes to what AT hikers carry when they climb off Springer LOL

  7. Cody Murphy says:

    Hello Ingred,
    I have been seriously looking into hiking the PCT this 2017 season and as a result I have stumbled across your channel. I greatly appreciate your post; Not only because they are informative, but you also have a simple and genuine nature about you that is inspiring as well as refreshing. Thank you for taking the time to make this channel with the PCT series. As far as from my perspective, a person who is planing to hike the trail, it is great to hear about your pre-hike mindset compared to what you learned post-hike. To me it is that 5+ month contrast of personal view point that is the most interesting. Gear is aways awesome!! However the personal mindset and philosophy inspired by the trail is a topic that is rarely talked about, and is something that is the most inspirational. Once again thank you, you are a beautiful YouTube soul. Your channel has certainly helped me.

  8. Gary V says:

    Great vids. What did you use for editing your vids?

  9. i would love to see a video about gear you wish you would have had, now that you have had time to look back.

  10. How much water did you drink a day?
    I drink about 3 litres regularly and I'm worried that I won't come across a water source often enough and I'll have to go without water for most of a day

  11. timshel Leo says:

    Thank goodness you're not blond.

  12. city boy says:

    Godbless you all 💘…very insightful you are…vety kind to help us pct newbs to chill us out some…whew…so we dont make them diddo mistakes neither…im a save mammas pennies…for my future hike dear lady…thankyou

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