My Lightweight Camping Equipment


My lightweight backpacking gear being checked and then packed into the backpack. Here I am preparing for a 4 day hiking trip above the tree line in Australia.


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15 Responses to “My Lightweight Camping Equipment”

  1. cheekycherri says:

    just wondering about the name of the whistle so i can look for one.

  2. frostyhongo says:

    how are you taking the frozen meat on the hike without it going bad? also you seem pretty prepared wearing a helmet even when hiking. impressive. 

  3. Todd Hansen says:

    Solid video, man. What sleeping bag were you using?

  4. tim joad says:

    protein takes energy to digest so you would probably do better packing less whey powder and some rice or oats

  5. jensielyn says:

    Dude r u blind? Because well u keep like nuggin ur items it's pretty weird

  6. nice set up of gear looks like your all set , nicely done my friend !

  7. AdamOutdoors says:

    Sorry but I had to lol when you said the tent is "only 1.8kg".   That is by far not a lightweight tent.  Some nice kit though.  What sat phone is that?

  8. What is your pack weight with this gear?

  9. MrLoopyLoop1 says:

    A "piss bottle" would also work well as a hot water bottle before you go to bed if you slip it in your sleeping bag.

  10. please subscribe to my channel

  11. Awesome kit mate Awesome view at the end.
    God bless you.

  12. what is the name of that water container?

  13. Owen Smiley says:

    what knife model is that?

  14. Divergent 05 says:

    i have been following your channel now for a week or two, nice content! i gotta ask? what tent are you using??I'm looking for a two person tent any suggestion would be nice =) thanks!

  15. How many litres is your bag mate?

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