My Hygiene Routine on the PCT


Where do you poop? How do you keep clean? How do you take care of your feet? What do you do about your period? In this video I take you through my entire hygiene routine from the time I wake…


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  1. Sander Tel says:

    Next time save a little tube of toothpaste, rinse it out and fill it again with a 2 to 1 (by volume) mixture of coco fat and baking soda. You can squeeze some on your finger and rub it under your armpit ( 1 pea sized bit per armpit should suffice) Works very well and keeps your armpits at least odour-low… Same goes for the hair treatment…this too can be done with baking soda…

  2. melonoxxx says:

    For a tooth paste you should try Ajona (its a toothpaste concentrate). You use a tiniest drop of it and it expands and foams really well. 6ml is said to last you 2 weeks.

  3. Bluebell says:

    How do you charge your phone on the trails?

  4. "Smell like but with deodorant on it". Rahahahahahahaha you slay me.

  5. Lettie Kelly says:


  6. I have the p-style and I love it! I made a terry cloth lined storage sleeve with a loop and it clips on the outside of my pack. So easy! It also eliminates the pee rag/shaking issues just in the way it's designed.

  7. Zeles says:

    I never had so much fun listening to someone how to take a shit.

  8. They are swapping talc for corn starch in powder products.
    And I'm not packing a bag of crappy paper, so either the biodegradable toilet paper can stay in the hole or it goes in the fire for a poop BBQ! LOL

  9. When are you doing the CDT?

  10. Arda Kroesen says:

    If you get a Progestin IUD there is a big change you don't get your period at all (after a while). That might be a option for girls who use birth controle anyway.

  11. I am so glad you said you like to shave, when I go out for a weekend say, I try to shave a couple days before just in case ingrown hairs… what do you do for ingrowns if you dont have soap :/ and to keep it dry ?

  12. My creepy friends are going to love this video 😋 joking aside good info. Thanks

  13. TJ Ellis says:

    EPIC WIPES and WYSI WIPES. No need to spank me or thank me.

  14. Mike Metzger says:

    The perfect woman doesn't ex…

  15. poppacapinya says:

    please don't ever cut your beautiful hair.

  16. Magic solution for periods is to get an IUD. 80% of women will no longer get their period after about a month of insertion. Not for everyone, but it's an option that lasts 3-5 years depending on which hormonal IUD you get. Also no babies.

  17. unbdld42 says:

    Jeez you are LOOONNNNGGGG winded….lol

  18. Brad Barton says:

    Baby wipes. The guys I went backpacking in the desert with made fun of me. Just using one or 2 every morning and night to get the sand and sweat off you is great. After a week I still felt somewhat clean and the others commented on how great of an idea it was. Cowboy bath….


  20. rjannelle says:

    I make my own dry shampoo with corn starch and a few drops of essential oils (rosemary oil is supposed to be good for your hair). You could probably put it in a reused baby powder container, as well as use it to stop chaffing and not worry about carcinogens 🙂

  21. iviewthetube says:

    I drink yellow Gatoraide How can hikers tell the difference between Gatoraide bottle they drink from, and Gatoraide bottle they pee'd in?

  22. I'm not packing out used toilet paper

  23. How much money should you carry with you ?

  24. Question to my trail sister's… do ya'll handle the heat rash that more often than not happens between the girls when ya'll wear high impact sport bras?? I hv tried baby powder and it doesnt work well jus itches?? Sports bras just seem to give ya the "uni boob"…

  25. You genuinely have the best one liners… “sometimes you just gotta pop a zit” LMAO

  26. Any truth to the rumours about bears being hypersensitive to (how can I put this) the odour of menstrual blood?

  27. The people who wash with water have it right.. Not to be gross but all that wet wipes do is smear your own waste all over your bum… just get a standard bidet/spray attachment for your water bottle, is best !

  28. I use a Pstyle when I hike and love it. It's in its own case with a clip and hangs from my pack so I don't have to take the pack off. I love that I don't have to expose myself or squat to pee. It's ridiculously easy when you're wearing shorts especially and you use the edge of the pstyle to gently scrape off the excess.

  29. E Hii says:

    Good tips! I prefer pantyliners to turning my undies inside out. They're lightweight and give a fresh start. I used the privacy of my tent to deal with sanitary pads. They sell rolls of bags for baby diapers which I believe are cheaper than dog poop bags.

  30. This is important stuff. Many an Army has been brought to it's knees due to poor hygene

  31. Tootsla 125 says:

    Use baby powder to clean feet – dirt and sand just slough right off, followed by a handi- wipe, and you've got squeaky clean feet. Periods are actually an option – birth control can be taken every day. I know people who haven't had a period in years. Check with your Dr.

  32. K Rick says:

    I really appreciate you going into such detailed yet modest descriptions. This is a very helpful video. Where is the location shown at the very end of the movie with all the flowers? It's beautiful.

  33. Wendy King says:

    Don't forget to check for poison ivey, sumac, and oak before you dig your cat hole and squat!

  34. Wendy King says:

    Dear Dixie! Thank you for great lessons in all your videos. I would like to 'give back'. You always say "Listen to your body." Well, I have been looking at your poor black toes and want to share a discovery: I have found light and flexible trail runners that have a hard and high toe box. They have lessened my toe blisters and trauma to my nail bed. They have not affected my gait or foot comfort negatively in anyway. I would like to suggest that your poor toes are screaming for better protection. Why don't you take a look at some trail runner models with a high and hard toe box? Cactus spines can NOT get thru them! The soft shoes you wear are constantly rubbing on the top of your toes and nail bed, and they give no protection to your toes from the curling up of the sole over a rocky path. Take a look at these other models. They are not heavy to wear and look pretty much like yours. Light and quick drying, but with better soles and a protective toe box. Happy hiking the CDT. I always look forward to your next video. I'd like to support you a little bit so you can be confident of resources. Where to send $$?

  35. What does your thumb-ring represent? Does that represent women who are lesbians? I don't know. Just curious.

  36. Did your toenails grow back?

  37. Clare Friend says:

    You are an amazing woman, I’m 70 and did my very 1st thru hike.. the TMB when I was 65. It was awesome and I’ve hiking ever since. Thanks for this info. Good advice for camping too.

  38. You know you can buy biodegradable wipes and toilet papers now. We Have the Technology!!

  39. omg, youre 31?1 i thought you were like 26

  40. jan angevine says:

    How did we get by before ziplock bags?!

  41. Ma’am, this was great! Thanks.

  42. deez nits says:

    That is so funny. Smell like a but, with deodorant on it.

  43. Bella Conner says:

    tmi while on the azt (where you can’t burry tp) rocks were my best friend and i felt the most clean lol

  44. Paul Carew says:

    Dixie, you could shave your head, save weight, smell like butt and still be cuter than most on their best day … Really enjoy your blog girl, thanks!

  45. Terry M says:

    Olay wipes, no sting.

  46. LMAO! Someone else’s buried treasure!

  47. corn starch or arrowroot powder is really great for a more all-purpose powder that is also scentless and a little more comfortable on your skin than talc. Also divacups and other similar models are really great for periods, just gotta dump it out in a cathole and rinse and you don't have to carry used pads/tamps–plus less garbage!

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