my almost ultralight 2017 appalachian trail thru hike gear list!


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  1. Thank You Mary, Happy Trails , Stay Safe and have fun .ย ย  God Bless .ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Have a good trip!! Are you doing the entire stretch or a specific portion?

  3. Tricia Lewis says:

    Thanks for getting through that so efficiently. A lot of these posts turn into long, droning tangents.

  4. This may be a stupid question butย  where did you get that yellow AT tag on your pack?

  5. Good luck on your hike!

  6. Keith Pitts says:

    SOMUCHBLU! Thank you for the run down.

  7. maddymat says:

    Not bad actually! You'll be able to get rid of extra meds, hygiene, clothes as you go and figure out what your body needs :). Good luck! I did a thru last year and it was amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Wye Explorer says:

    I wonder if you lost your knife in the end? I like Zpacks…they do a very good tent. Peace. Mark.

  9. mike hunt says:

    not one job was harmed in making this video

  10. you should get a portable solar charger made for camping and while your hiking it will charge your devices mine has two USB port's.
    and use biodegradable soap earth friendly products.

  11. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous lol good luck on the hike thru!

  12. where can I get that yellow thru hiker tag from?

  13. Great kit! Great video!
    Don't apologize for your hands. They're yours and there's nothing wrong with them. No shame in your game sister.
    Go Toaks! Lol
    Be well

  14. marty smith says:

    you obviously did a lot of planning. My family of four intends to put your list to the test in Virginia AT – Thanks

  15. hello, are you on the trail??

  16. bereantrb says:

    Sensible choices and 22 lbs. Well done.

  17. Stop saying sorry so much. It make you sound weak. Happy traveling.

  18. great video with some good ideas and neat kit. it's not all about being as light as possible it's more about having the right gear and weight that suits you! thanks for posting and you are forgiven for the carpet ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Let me know how did it go, Im also planning on going on the AT next august or the begining of next spring!!

  20. Joe Smith says:

    This is very useful information even for a recreational camper/hiker such as myself. That Nemo Hornet is good but also the Nemo Galaxy is a pretty good price on Amazon, which is a 2P tent. I have a 7 pound tent but I don't do through hikes. I hike a few miles and camp, mostly, but I will get lighter gear in the future and hike further.

  21. Johnny FD says:

    Good luck with your hike through! Make sure you film a post-hike update to what you thought about your gear choices and give us some advice on what you would have brought instead or if it was perfect!

  22. text or call to make contact with arlin im ready to hike with you

  23. text or call to make contact with arlin im ready to hike with you asap

  24. text or call to make contact with arlin im ready to hike with you asap

  25. sligo405 says:

    Nice video. Some neat gear. Have a great walk.

  26. lynda jones says:

    oi you are very pretty

  27. AriR6R says:

    you need bear spray!! there's a lot of bears and cougars in those woods!

  28. Hooah mary, good work

  29. William Burr says:

    Thank you for your service!

  30. D. Foerster says:

    Really liked your video. My daughter is 11 and she is my backwoods camping partner. Please come up to Canada so you can cone camping. She loves camping. We have done about 10 mile hikes, but up until this year I have carried all of the 'shared gear'.

    Also, you know a lot. I hope my daughter knows as much as you when she is your age. ๐Ÿ˜
    Would you
    We have some great camping here in Manitoba, Canada. You would be a wonderful influence for my daughter. Ty and hope you are still camping.

    You did not discuss food. I got a dehydrator recently and that really lightens our weight.

  31. sKiTzMiCk69 says:

    Just so you know i think your HOT๐Ÿ˜˜

  32. Great video, I switched from a rain jacket to an army surplus poncho with grommets (to help use it as a tarp). Covers me, my pack, and ventilates better than any rain jacket ever could, shoutout to my sweaty peeps.

  33. so what's happening or happened to your hike??

  34. JJ Carlson says:

    Good! You have Raynaud's syndrome – hands and feet, in case you do not know that. You really do and you should see a Rheumatologist who specializes in LUPUS (not a rheumatoid arthritis specialist, they are not always specialized enough). I have Raynaud's too and lupus so I do know. That is why your hands and feet are red and always cold. You also need to make sure that is in your military health records in case of problems later. Hope you have summited Katahdin by now. I have almost the same kit. I did have in 2007 and again 2008, 2009. And I am going all the way in 2018.

  35. A Jay says:

    Yes I agree, walking in the rain with glasses is a no-go. What I do, is I always either wear a light-weight mesh running cap, or use an umbrella. With the cap, that keeps the rain off the glasses, and then if you want you can also wear the poncho on top of the cap. The only downside the caps that I don't like, is I don't like how they keep your head hot. Heat escapes out the top of your head. I've never used contacts, but if they are good for the rain, then that's probably the best solution. Just close your eyes if you fall in a river lol

  36. A Jay says:

    You forgot to review your pack. It looks like one of those custom Z-Packs? If so, I think they're very good.

  37. Will G says:

    How old are you?

  38. Ted Rzepski says:

    enjoyed your gear profiles. You mentioned your service in the Army. Thank you. Life, for everyone is pilgrimage. You got it together!

  39. kd5you1 says:

    i didn't see anyone mention this, but the cell phone battery charger is rated in mAh or miliamp hours. Basically the larger the number, the longer the battery will last. In the case of using it to charge your phone, you will get more charges out of a 14000 mAh battery than something smaller like a 10000 mAh battery. Larger number means longer lasting but it also means longer time to charge the battery charger up. Typically a larger number also means a larger battery as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Your gear list had your base weigh at 6.83lbs!
    That isn't "almost Ultra Light" it was well under the generally accepted 10lbs goal for the UL category.

  41. lol I only buy blue stuff if possible

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