Mountain House Chicken Breasts and Mashed Potatoes Review


Tool Dude Tony show you how to prepare Mountain House Chicken Breasts with Rib Meat and Mashed Potatoes and then he does a review of it. Watch this …


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35 Responses to “Mountain House Chicken Breasts and Mashed Potatoes Review”

  1. rainbowhiker says:

    Haven't tried this one either. I did see another video where they added the potatos to the bag with the chicken breasts still in there and let the whole thing sit longer. They all seem to work better if you leave them in longer than suggested. Anyway, thanks for the review.

  2. Sephiryith says:

    where can i get a hobo knife like that?

  3. I believe that is an el cheapo from Wally World.

  4. Anvilly says:

    I got the same one for $4 at Walmart in the camping section.

  5. lalalandd123 says:


  6. Frozen Angel says:

    im british and i love the way he says potatoes!

  7. NaudanX says:

    Yup I got 1 too — Only costs like 3 bucks! I love it.

  8. if i where u i would of just eat the freeze dried chicken right out of the pacage (i no i spelled it wrong)and then eat the mashed potato

  9. Anyone else notice he says its the end of March and its uploaded in Oct? 😀

  10. True… I was busy with other stuff.

  11. so, I'm not reading the back of the package like you are, but when you read it it sounds like the instructions say that you need to put the chicken in for a few minutes, and then ADD the spuds, leaving the chicken in. That would make the chicken a little more rehydrated, right? cause it would get the full six minutes in the water. just a thought.

  12. i didnt care for the mashpotatos but the chicken was good with a little salt and pepper.

  13. revis revon says:

    i ate the same one i thought it was weard because the chickin was as light as fome and felt like it to but as soon as its rehighdratied its ok but weard

  14. Overgrown says:

    A little BBQ or Honey mustard goes a long way to helping the Chicken taste better.

  15. inkey2 says:

    betty crocker used to make the best damn instant mashed potatos I ever ate…..THEN…..they changed the formula to GLUTEN-FREE. Thow they taste terrible

  16. Hey Tool Dude, what is your favorite Mountain House dinner? that lasagna one was awesome!! brother sent me a few for Christmas last year!

  17. seattwa says:

    It seems that the rehydration times on some of these meals is to short. Even after 5 minutes your chicken wasn't done yet. I'd give it another 3 or 4 minutes. After all, you can't over cook it!

  18. AppRemb says:

    This one I find it is best to put the chicken breasts in boiling water for about 5 minutes. The chicken is good but the mashed potatoes are awesome. The mashed potatoes got me thinking and I made up some homemade pouches with seasoning and all. They work great for something tasty and fast.

  19. Lycosa says:

    Damn its a cheat it has onions i dont like yuck onion and garlic no no…

    But looks good, chicken and mashed potatos yum

  20. Hey, Im bout to go on a 1 month long hiking trip on The Colorado Trail, what is your top 3 favorite Mountain House dinners? anyone is welcome to answer, I leave for Denver tomorrow and stopping at the REI and want to pick more up.

  21. I like their Chicken Alfredo the best.

  22. Pretty much, but that will also depend on the brand and if you store it in a moderate temperature range.

  23. Ryan Jose says:

    what kind of stove did you use for this video?

  24. hrdknox2000 says:

    That's actually probably one of, if not my favorite mountain house meals! I still have to say, as far as flavor goes, I think the sweet and sour pork is my favorite. But I like this because it resembles real food and not just a casserole.

  25. Ya FeelMe says:

    Thank you for sharing the video.. Why, O Why is the chicken always loaded with RIB MEAT!!! It's hard as SHIT to find pre-made chicken without it.. Drives me NUTS!!

  26. ThouArtOfWar says:

    Potato not patata.

  27. dhsbear says:

    This is a great entree. To save time (and hassle) I reconstitue both the `taters and the chicken together at the same time.

    Good job Tony!

  28. TheBoHoBoy says:

    I have seen people who hate and detest onions, eat one like an apple after 3 days without food. so taste test are rather a waste of time dont you think?

  29. CGJ7755 says:

    I  actually just made and tried this one yesterday, and IMO this is one of the best emergency foods Ive had. The chicken had a nice bite to it and reminded me of a real chicken breast, with the char-lines added more as an aesthetic but did add some flavor. The taters were well seasoned and tasted great. Overall, Id love to have a box of these available at any given time.

  30. George Adams says:

    When I tried them… I thought the chicken sucked… I threw it out.

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