Mount Kinabalu Climbing Guide – The Danger Zone


Mount Kinabalu is a non-technical mountain which requires no special climbing skills. As long as you can climb a flight of stairs, you can climb Mount Kinabalu.


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10 Responses to “Mount Kinabalu Climbing Guide – The Danger Zone”

  1. very useful for first timer….

  2. thaaargler says:

    I climbed Mt. Kinabalu in 1991. It is extremely misleading to say that if one can climb a flight of stairs, one can climb Kinabalu. Not true. What kind of stairs do you climb? If you are fit, careful and listen to the guide (and can pretend not to notice the thinning air as you get past 11, 000 feet) you should be fine. Don't try to be clever and wander through the safety fences or ropes just to get a better photo.  People have died up there. When I went up there were 2 people taken off by the Royal Malaysian Air force suffering from hypothermia. They thought they wouldn't need any warm gear and ignored the advice of the locals. And their guide.Use common sense. And don't forget your certificate when you come down……..

  3. the gurkhas from nepal can easily run up mt kinabalu and then run down with ease.

  4. thank you my friend, was very useful

  5. Which trail area this one.. is it Ranau trail?

  6. Kerry Samad says:

    im om journey touring bicycle.start fm airport miri-beunei-labuan-KK-kundasang-last hike mt kinabalu 1september 2017.wish me can.
    btw uall can follow my journey on fb page ig youtube chnal TEAM SULIT.

  7. Van Hanz says:

    This video recorded before the earthquake right?

  8. Thank you very much for my best trip. I saw my video many time. I love it.

  9. Yan Rou says:

    Do you take this same path up and down?

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