Motorcycle Camping Gear To Get You Off The Ground Sleeping


Motorcycle camping tricks to get you off the ground when sleeping. Three items you can take motorcycle camping that will keep you from sleeping on the cold, …


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31 Responses to “Motorcycle Camping Gear To Get You Off The Ground Sleeping”

  1. Jim Clarke says:

    Another great video. I have a trip planned for next summer from my home in Alberta to deadhorse Alaska . I’m new to ADV rideing so all your videos help me more that you know.

  2. Great video Tim. Amazing scenery. Made me want to leave work early today!

  3. Big Jon says:

    The best part is the air hammock, I had a good laugh. Lol

  4. Nice Marchway cot. Would you believe that this same cot on amazon Canada cost $240.00 Why such a difference. Makes me mad.
    Nice video. I love them all

  5. Ken Page says:

    Airbnb Works every time!

  6. velvet911pk says:

    Good video, Tim! Since I am getting into the motorcycle camping scene I was considering a hammock, but you cured me of that. I don't think that it would work for me. I'm definitely considering a cot and I'm glad to see that it is something that you recommend. I was just over in your part of the woods the past couple of days. My wife had a doctor's appointment in Scottsdale. It's getting toasty as compared to the SW mountains of NM where I live.

  7. Lynn Kramer says:

    You should lay in your hammock in a traverse mann er, then you are flat and straight and not like a banana.

  8. Awesome! I was just looking at my cot and thinking – to bad I can not take that on my bike. LOL Last summer my AC went out and for a few days I was on my cot in my studio where I have a mini split and I love it. LOL! Great to know about this cot for my travel Tim! Thanks for the heads up!

  9. cantlandem says:

    Lying diagonally on your hammock will straighten your back out.The longer your hammock is the easier that is.You can also get an Asymmetrical shaped hammock that you can actually side sleep on.Many of them can be purchased with an integrated bug screen and rain fly,although they can be pricey as well(about the same price as your tent)…PS. Great Channel

  10. Another great video
    However you need some sun. Lol

  11. I like that cot! I looked into the hammock/tent combos. People that use them swear by them. I have a few bad discs and l don't think sleeping in one would be great after a 500-700 mile ride in a day. Thanks for the review

  12. Marty Fowler says:

    Sorry to shit on your review again, I would not use those three novelty type cots? You ride 8 or 10 hours no time for this stuff it’s a quality air mat that takes seconds to fill

  13. I will be looking forward to a review on the cot

  14. When using s hammock you need.. Again you need to use at least a 2" strap. Otherwise you are going to damage the tree.

  15. I like the cot, looks very functional!👍

  16. Will Ashmore says:

    Never considered a cot because I didn't know they made them so small. I took a hammock on my last bike trip but never broke it out.

  17. Thanks for experimenting for us. Anxious to see a followup vid with you post-deployment evaluations. One tip about hammocks, some of them are designed to be more comfortably used 'sideways', with your arms pointed toward the anchored ends: it prevents that mid-back bow 🙂

  18. I don't ordinarily drink alcohol at all, but the one time I did while I was riding, I slept on my bike… It wasn't that bad, really, but then I probably would have passed out on a pile of bricks. I like to ride until I'm simply too exhausted to continue when I'm on a mission to reach a destination, and that has much the same effect. I can pass right out on parking lot asphalt next to my bike in all my gear. It's like when I fished for a living as a young man. After working 20-30 hours straight, most of us could collapse anywhere and pass right out. Now that my beard has turned white and my joints sound like a bowl of rice crispies when you add milk, I'm starting to think about comfort more, but I still tend to go pretty hard and prefer to stop only when I'm too tired to continue safely, so I like to pull over and hide in the bushes by the side of the road rather than plan my stops. I don't do motels or campgrounds. A pile of leaves or pine straw can make a pretty decent bed.

  19. Dar G says:

    what a great review loved em all

  20. I completely enjoy your review's. I like to try different things all the time. Lots of great ideas. Thanks!

  21. I've been really looking to use a hammock on my trips as well. Much lighter, eliminates the need of an additional chair too and heard of so many people feeling really rested when done properly, even for longer periods of time. I think it's the perfect match with motorcycling camping. Loving the videos BTW!

  22. If you get a regular camping hammock and visit the Hammock forum you can sleep in a hammock very easily. I sleep in one every night.

  23. Rick Nadeau says:

    I use a hammock and I personally find them more comfortable. If you get a quality hammock , you can lay flat in a diagonal position. As long as you have trees, hammocks are my primary choice. A hammock setup also doubles as a lounge chair. Weight wise , you need to consider the hammock underquilt , tarp, straps and bug net depending on your location area. Hammock forums are a great source of information or reference.I also have a Helinox cot . I don’t use it anymore on the bike because you need to set it up inside the tent and you still need an air mattress on top of it. In summer it gets hot setting the cot inside the tent and you need to put some type of protection under the cot so it doesn’t damage the tent thin bathtub floor. The cot also doesn’t fit inside my panniers. It’s hooked up outside unlocked the pannier .These are my impressions based on my moto camping experience.Thank for you efforts and keep up the good work

  24. Good review, nice to an option instead of the thermarest …. I like the cot option, unfortunately it is $220.00 CAD on … maybe another vendor has it at a more reasonable price in Canada

  25. Have you done any vids on packing your bike for camping?

  26. I carried one of those sleeping hammocks all over central Europe for three weeks. Never found anywhere to use it. At ten euros/dollars a night the hostels with parking and free lockers and the were just too easy and the camp sites were treeless. Any rough camping I did I just couldn't find any where to use it. Self inflating mattress all the way 😉 Great review…like the look of the raft bed.

  27. Jim Hanner says:

    News flash. I bought the marchway. It tore many holes in my 250 dollar tent.Sent it back.

  28. Great vid but about the hammock you are laying in it the wrong way that is why you get sore

  29. Hammocks are much more comfortable if you sleep off center on an angle rather then straight down the center line. there are a lot of great youtube sights on hammock camping

  30. How do you strap your hammock to the bike?

  31. I was thinking the 3 things to get one off the ground while motorcycle camping should be Holiday Inn, Druary Inn, or Marriott.

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