Morrison Hiking Trail Camping – Allegheny National Forest


My friends and I head up to the Morrison hiking trail in ANF to have a nice and relaxing 3 day adventure. Parking Lot: 41.861658, -78.896875 Trails used …


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  1. Seth Dombach says:

    Great video as always man. Hopefully I'll run into you in the PA woods someday

  2. ferbritzeo says:

    Great video as always! I'm heading down to raccoon creek state park next weekend for a 2 night backpacking trip on the loop that you did in an earlier video.

  3. Daywalker says:

    Always great videos. Thank you

  4. RViscara says:

    Great times and great memories. Cool to see young men still enjoying life this way in the outdoors. Hats off to you guys.

  5. BUCK SOLO says:

    Good hike & camp guys & with goid friends as company the trail doesn't get much better. Good stuff.

  6. I really enjoy your videos! Thanks for all the time and effort. I was surprised to hear you reference burning your plastic rubbish in campfires a few times in the video. If you can pack it in, it's easy enough to pack out. Anyway, looking forward to watching your future adventures!

  7. Looked like a solid trip. You may love gear as much as I do too. Lol.


  8. That looked like a fun trip.

  9. Have you ever seen or experienced anything while hiking, either during the day or night, that freaked you out?

  10. Nice video! Morrison was where I went on my first backpacking trip. Just got back today from an overnight trip back to Morrison and left the tent at home and used a hammock for the very first time. Quite comfortable.

  11. Been there a few times, never went all the way to the reservoir. Thanks for the look. So flat at the beginning!

  12. Wow, I didn't know about Minister Creek. Damn, I go up there all the time.

  13. potatothorn says:

    this was a lot of fun thanks/ way behind on watching videos because i was in the mtns myself hooray// funny thing about the "arent you worreid about people" question… i get that all the time since i go way out in the desert etc- my response is / well, would you mess with the guy who is willing to go that far out into nowhere by himself? … us back country people dont mess with each other, nothing to prove out there…..

  14. What is the name of the company who makes those shots?

  15. in one of your videos you had a folding metal windscreen for your stove I cannot locate that video now but I am trying to purchase something close to it can you please let me know how much it weighs and what it is called essentially I want to find the most lightweight one I can.

  16. Bush Crafty says:

    Shout out from down-under in New Zealand!

  17. Arcana73 says:

    Nice video. I love the ANF. FYI, if you're looking for other trails, check out hiking the ANF by Jeff Mitchell, or his book backpacking PA. Those books have been great to plan my trips from western ny

  18. stowe18 says:

    Just got back today from this trail, after have watching your video . lots of creek/Brook crossings- downed trees.. But very beautiful scenery. We hung hammocks by the creek near the campground. Question for you though- do you keep ANY food with you overnight? Or do you use a bear bag? We even hung our coffee in ziploc bags INSIDE of a watertight bag.. Also was wondering how heavy your pack was for most of your three season trips. Thanks again- really enjoy your vids!

  19. stowe18 says:

    Thanks for the quick reply! Wow, I was 30lbs for this one nighter.. With a 60l pack.. Thinking of getting something in the mid 40s – 50L for 1-2 nighters. Seems the 60 is too large for this, and maybe too small for winter trips? Again– you've got me planning my trip to dolly sods for next month. I've camped there at the campground- but never went where you were– looks pretty amazing. Thanks again – your vids are extremely informative– and having my bank acct drop significantly!

  20. Danielle SW says:

    Thanks for visiting my backyard (: Glad you enjoyed it!

  21. Rat and Cat says:

    I always find it refreshing to jump in a lake or river at the end or start of day…. or really any time there's water. Re-energizing.

  22. Just to update you, the church group had hiked into Minister Creek to the Deer Lick camp area, it took a long time for someone to hike out and get any kind of cell service to call for help. The storm hit at about 5 am.

  23. Enjoyed your video as usual. Agree with the commenter who said good to see young men out enjoying the outdoors. I still do some day hiking out here in the west. Lived in the east when I was young but never hiked there; always cool to see what it's like.

  24. Have you ever considered using a handheld gps. My husband and I geocache the garmin etrex are about 100 and batteries are lightweight where cellphone batteries die so much faster. You could mark a waypoint or have an endpoint. Love seeing this video grew up nearby but never hiked there.

  25. I'm enjoying your videos. Having a great time on the trail. So many youtube channels have forgotten what its about.

  26. Leading adventures seems like it would be just up your alley! Sociable, knowledgeable and you can be very funny at times. I find myself laughing at you interactions with others like Gary. You probably don't try to be funny but it is just natural for you. Maybe you could try a 6 or 8 mile day trip for 3 or 4 "beginners" and get their feedback but also see how you like it.

  27. Ronin14 says:

    Do you ever go on hikes with the public? Would you ever go back to Morrison loop?

  28. Ronin14 says:

    I went there last year, I'm gonna go again, I think it's super cool!

  29. A buddy and I just did the rimrock loop this weekend. Whats the website you where talking about your hammock stuff?

  30. crazii_swede says:

    i love your Q&A at the trail, u need to do this again 🙂

  31. Dude I love that place I do dispersed camping there and at Morrison to rim rock

  32. I'm trying to get some guys together to do more of these trips, add me on Facebook man!!!

  33. That first stream you crossed I camped in dude that was our fire ring so freaking cool man

  34. One of the best like your girlfriend a lot better than the guys Hahahaha Really great video. Thanks Alot Joe

  35. mikey 77 says:

    Where about are you from?

  36. You look different without your bright orange & green outfits from your Florida adventures. Oh minus your sunglasses too.

  37. Love your videos and it inspired me to get out there. I did The Morrison loop and Rim rock loop in sort of a figure 8 as my first backpacking trip this past weekend. Great time but the ascent on the Rimrock trail kicked my butt. haha out of shape smoker. Would definitely suggest that loop in a counter clockwise fashion if your not in the best of shape. Posting a video of my suffering shortly. Keep them videos coming!!!1

  38. Duke Palk says:

    You look great Kekoa you toned up fit as a fiddle. "Stay safe little braddah" love to see you in cali you'd have a blast. Beers on me of course your favorite Belgium beer I believe? I drink Kona Brewery brands gotta keep it island for me. Anyway keep me posted I'll do the same. Mahalo nui loa "your the best".

  39. Duke Palk says:

    You look great Kekoa you toned up fit as a fiddle. "Stay safe little braddah" love to see you in cali you'd have a blast. Beers on me of course your favorite Belgium beer I believe? I drink Kona Brewery brands gotta keep it island for me. Anyway keep me posted I'll do the same. Mahalo nui loa "your the best".

  40. Duke Palk says:

    Your like me big crowds mean alot of minds alot of work these days people aren't out for friendship more exploitation. Gary is your boy hang on to him keep him under your wing, he can be a little to friendly with strangers. lol!

  41. Mando Grizz says:

    I came across your video completely by accident. I wasn’t looking for any local camping or backpacking info. I was just looking for nice forest videos. I did what you now do when I was young mostly in the seventies and eighties. I am 62 now and can only walk short distances. I have a connective tissue disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and it gives most people spine and joint problems, but can cause many diverse problems. I would encourage you to get your camping and backpacking in while you are young because you never know what the future will bring. But enough of that. Just wanted to say I have backpacked and camped on many of the local trails. I passed by the trailhead on Morrison’s this afternoon. I used to hike Minister Creek, Turkey Creek, etc. Down in West Virginia there is a good trail for a 3 day hike down from Spruce Knob, but I don’t remember where we hiked to. But it is worth doing. If you have a guideyou can go to Seneca Rocks and climb it and then Rappel down. It is a blast but you must have a good guide or teacher if you aren’t an experienced climber. It’s the biggest rock face climb east of the Mississippi. About 800 feet of face if I recall. Don’t drink too much!

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