Mont'bell Tachyon Wind Pants Review


Many of the UL thru-hikers out there like “Lint” bring these wind pants with them during their thru-hikes. I bought a pair and brought it on my SHT hike and was …


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11 Responses to “Mont'bell Tachyon Wind Pants Review”

  1. That Guy says:

    I assume those are the capeline lightweight bottoms? Great video on the windpants! I've had my eye on those ever since I saw John Z mention them. So light!

  2. Bike Rob says:

    Did I miss if how they work in the rain? Do you wear them in the rain?

  3. These are awesome. An alternative is the frog togg ultra lite rain pants. 3.6 oz for a small. great in the rain. trap in heat. $15 for the jacket and the bottoms, the jacket is 5 oz and works great. they are really prone to tearing, though

  4. taedawood says:

    I'd be curious to know how durable they are both to abrasion and to briars. I have a pair of Luke's UL wind pants and they are comfortable but they tore to shreds when I last hiked on a trail with a fair amount of briars.

  5. Gaylin Lack says:

    Holy smoke! $100 here another $100 there. In the past 6 weeks you are suggesting a $1000 of stuff. How helping poor folk decide on some gear. Looking for used gear on line has been pretty useless.

  6. joe shmoe says:

    too bad their sold out until april 2018!

  7. Nice review. For a budget alternative, many UL'ers like Body Wrappers Ripstop Pants (aka Dance Pants). About $18 on Amazon, and they are great windpants–less than 4 ounces. have elastic cuffs, and keep you warm and bug free.I hike in shorts, and don't take long pants on a hike. I wear the dance pants over my shorts or over my base layer depending on the temperature.

  8. Great video but the cost is a little rich.  But that becomes a choice and a decision I will have to made as I do more fall and early spring hiking now that I live in NJ

  9. Jason Poreda says:

    Hey Bigfoot, I'm curious if you use these wind pants as rain pants also, or if you carry a separate pair of rain pants? I know on the JMT rain pants may not have been as necessary, but if you were to hike the AT again for example, would you carry the wind pants plus rain pants/ rain kilt?

  10. Trail Breeze says:

    Yep, great wind pants, I also have The Tachyon Jacket. The pair are also great sleep gear. On cold nights you can slip them over your sleep top and bottom and they will hold a lot of body heat.

  11. Matt W says:

    Are you going to do a video of you wearing them to show how they fit?

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