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This is my first review and it’s of the Mil-Tec Patrol Backpack Tactical MOLLE Assault Pack 50L. Purchased from Camooutdoor shop through Amazon.


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  1. I recently ordered shoes at a discount. These , it's faster than usual. (I think the seller depends) by the way thank you for the videos! Very useful and informative

  2. Is the molle on the Milspec Assault pack unevenly spaced? I want to put a condor water pouch on it with a cook kit in it. I just wanna know if it is it isn't spaced correctly

  3. how long did it take for you to recieve the pack?

  4. Docter Yoda says:

    Is this one the same as the one from M48?

  5. Anna Dawe says:

    Nice video! I Bought a 50 per cent discount boots , very happy by aliexpress! Sometimes a long time coming, but it depends on the delivery method

  6. Thank you for the excellent review John Wellings. I just ordered the same backpack for overnight camping trips in the mountains in New Zealand. I had one of the smaller (25L maybe?) backpacks which I used for hand luggage for my laptop and jacket etc when travelling on airplanes and the bag lasted me several years until I decided I needed a slightly larger bag. For what these bags cost they're fantastic value! I recommend getting yourself a waterproof/PVC rain cover for the backpack, they only cost a few quid on Amazon and are an excellent thing to keep in one of the pockets of the bag!

  7. hi love your work on the bag wuld you be able to do a tutorial on how to put the  'Y'  strap on my bag please and and thanks

  8. jabo2121 says:

    nice review. I haveone of these in olive drab. nice pack but the one I have is about the right size for a 9 year old. had to replace the waist strap with a web belt to fit my 38 waist.

  9. Xire says:

    Check out my tactical molle bag. I make them myself as i cannot find the perfect bag i want

  10. Bungle2010 says:

    You're lucky you received anything. This company seems to specialise in taking peoples' orders, but never sending anything out, then claiming it's been "lost/stolen". Totally disreputable business.

  11. Penny 4life says:

    would this bag be big enough to fit full size tackle trays in it for fishing?

  12. ArmyCLS says:

    If you want a nice SERE pouch to go with this pack, check out jumpmaster99 on eBay…excellent quality, US made from US mil-spec materials by a US Army soldier. I am VERY happy with the pouches I've bought from him.

  13. Nuke 778 says:

    I got mine for £10

  14. Cool Video.. Check out Ours.. You WILL LIKE IT!

  15. This was probably the best review i've seen on any packs LOL. so congrats on it being your first.. Only thing i would have added was the actual use for it, such as packing it with practical things such as bug out bag supplies etc.. but thanks for the review.. think i'm going to buy this pack after seeing this, and having already viewed it on amazon and wanted to learn more about it. (Y) i know its an old video but it still helped !

  16. salut, 50Litres ou 36Litres?

  17. The other day I received a very necessary thing – Xiaomi power bank 10000mah I ordered in the shop Gearbest. Great price, very fast shipping! 😉

  18. Blessed One says:

    = Barska Loaded Gear GX-300 Tactical Sling Backpack Product Info get it here! .

  19. ssunbated26 says:

    My grandpa has one of those

  20. cant find the 50L version of this backpack, only the 36L .-.

  21. cant find the 50L version of this backpack, only the 36L .-.

  22. +John Wellings   HELP!!! I want to buy a Mil-Tec backpack but not for camping purposes but mainly for daily commuting and for uni etc… However, I'm confused with what size Is actually suitable for me to get like I honestly don't want the bag to be massive but a normal sized bag to fit in my books will do, what would you say is the ideal size to get?

  23. Louis Lee says:

    This look exactly like the ones on

  24. Jasmine A. says:

    Where did you get the Y-Strap?

  25. lili ZHANG says:

    Great backpack. Also Get it from here….

  26. CloneDaddy says:

    I bought this pack 5 years ago , based on your recommendation. I even did the y-strap mod on it.
    5 years later it's still going strong.
    I've used it for work, camping and even short motorcycle camping trips with it.
    The stitching is still fine and problem free, the zips too (I've always found a bit of candle wax helps things along anyway).
    All in all, I've got to say thank you to you John. This was a quality piece of kit for those of us on a budget, and that mod took it into another level of usefulness. Out on the bike, when it gets too hot walking around in leathers, being able to stuff my jacket under that strap was a godsend.
    Sometimes youtube is a beautiful thing. Thanks for putting this out there John Wellings

  27. JSC Reviews says:

    Might get one of these for a bigger bug out bag

  28. can you suggest sites that sell the molle attachments?

  29. Yun-Ri Su says:

    I bought one last night for like $12 last night on eBay. Brand new too.

  30. Führer says:

    It can be used at highschool ? I have a little brother who wants one for highschool.
    Btw, very good review 🙂

  31. LukaS09m says:

    Hi, you think 36l is too much for college or high school?

  32. Jack says:

    Is this backpack allowed for a free campine luggage on airplane? Thank you .

  33. Lloyd Smart says:

    The shoulder straps on the miltec Packs are really poor quality compared to the rest of bag.

  34. daniel ponte says:

    Is the backpack waterproof??

  35. Kevin Carey says:

    seen this pack at Walmart doesn't seem that bad

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