Mercedes Benz Marco Polo V Class – Camper Van Tour


We take a look at the 2017 Mercedes Benz Marco Polo Camper Van. We like to see what alternatives there are to the VW California Ocean and this contender …


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44 Responses to “Mercedes Benz Marco Polo V Class – Camper Van Tour”

  1. Mugtree says:

    Really like this ❤️👍

  2. came here for the info which they didn't know a lot of??!! turbo useless review…..

  3. Funny how they compared everything to the California if I watched this video and owned mercadies I would sue there asses

  4. M'Liss A says:

    …another cutie not available in the US…I don't want those huge campers just something small and neat to get around in and be a little stealthy 😢

  5. You said in your tv video that you can only use 230v on mains hook up but in this video its the opposite

  6. Matty L says:

    Love a flame head, I tap that

  7. golly our first house was cheaper than that.

  8. catz 101 says:

    It looks like they copied vw and the name sucks

  9. Shaun G321 says:

    Well done guys. Nice review.

  10. H Kim says:

    so just motorized malfunctioning VW California. at least VW California has an outdoor table, side roof, shower water pump with a shower head.

  11. Take Five says:

    How much money did you get to trash VW this much 🤦🏽‍♂️😅

  12. The VW camper, Californië, is so Perfect.. he have everything, exept a toillet. But that's a personal thing to buy.

  13. The Marco Polo is one of the best Allroundvans.

  14. Love then legs baby muah

  15. Ben King says:

    The cup holders are on the dashboard

  16. Hi guys
    Can you help just registered
    For asci card did it take long for card to arrive also did you
    Sign up to there news letter
    Can’t see if they charge for the news letter

  17. Chen allen says:

    the roof likes a coffin, hahaha

  18. Ankit jain says:

    She is Mother of Sansa stark . So beautiful 😊

  19. In summer, the new Mercedes Marco Polo comes as a facelift with new engines and 9-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, there is no MBUX yet

  20. In summer 2019, the new Mercedes Marco Polo comes as a facelift with new engines and 9-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, there is no MBUX yet

  21. Sorry for the English, because my native language is Dutch.

    I was allowed to borrow the Marco Polo from a friend. I have experienced the following:
    the driving comfort is simply top. Spending the night a little less. We slept badly on the springs and mattress on top. Hence we slept the 2nd night downstairs, and used the mattress from above. This was more comfortable. Too bad that the car trunk has to give up so much space to the folding seats and folding table. Almost no place for luggage. We also had problems with the automation of the rear seats. We did not get one of the seats in an upright position. You showed more or less the same in this video.

  22. I am sure it is over priced and not worth the cost

  23. I am on my 3rd Marco Polo. Perfect for those music festivals far down the continent. Prefer the model prior to this one with the amaising 3l V3 diesel and 204 Hp and more practical interior. It is also just under 5m long making it cheeper on some ferries. Same great beds and no problems whatsoever with seats. They do need some calibration from time to time to fold down properly. This is done using a switch under the rear seats. The 3l V6 will cruice at 130-140 km/hr using 10l/100 km.

  24. T H says:

    I dont know if it's just my past experience with merc benz, and vw's but i still prefer the California

    Also you say its more expensive because it comes with lot more things standard, but i really dont see all that much.

  25. Marco Polo? I thought it was a VW!
    Lovely car though. X

  26. mycaetos says:



  27. Ken McNulty says:

    We comparison shopped here in northern Italy for the VW California Beach and the California Ocean camper vans and the MP. We took our time, checked out the VWs one weekend, the MPs the next. The MP fit/finish we found was far superior to VW and it had a smoother feel on the test drive. The large kitchen/living area appealed more to us in the MP than the VWs. This is where 2x big Germans, German Shepherds that is, will hang out. A mat will definitely go on the floor to keep the dogs from slipping and dirt getting into the tracks; too easy to pull out, shake clean and replace. During the test drive my wife sat on the rear seat/bed. She said she was very comfortable and even with the middle row seats in place it was clear she had ample leg room (our "Long" not "Extra Long" MP seats 6x people). I will likely find a place in the garage for the 2nd row when we're not hauling that many people. We always test back seats when purchasing a vehicle to insure our adult passengers are always comfortable. Living in the Italian Alps foothills I greatly appreciated the All-Wheel drive option, I'm hooked on All-Wheel after previously owning All-Wheel Audis and Volvos. And, thanks for the video review, it definitely got us interested enough to go look at them and get hooked. We take delivery of a new MP later this week! 🙂

  28. Mercedes are absolute rust buckets !

  29. fei zhao says:

    Just get mic to collect sound bro.

  30. alex monk says:

    Дорого и глупо…

  31. Martin Jones says:

    Very nice 55k for a van out of most people price range you can get a VW that been converted in to a camper van for 15k less probably not as flash as the Mec but comes with all the gubbins does also depend if your a badge snob

  32. Pond Jumper says:

    Looks like a funeral car for the worlds fattest man

  33. I have this car and the California nd i think um u should buy one buy California.

  34. Stuart Wall says:

    Wow! I’ve been looking at The Trimo for a few years (a used model) without success. Now I’m going straight round to Mercedes tomorrow – but with a Heater!1

  35. Q M says:

    I wish they were sold in the US. I'd buy one up quick like

  36. hi, is that place in walsall?

  37. Marcel Wolf says:

    No toilet so free camping is not a thing your wife wants. So always dependable of a camping site……and when it is raining you have a living space of 2m2. For the price you also can buy a bigger Fiat based boxcamper…..but hey. It is a super van.

  38. Quelle- est le prix de cette voiture en euros s'il vous plaît.

  39. Jody Porter says:

    Could you use that rear blind as a projector screen?

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