KQ Ranch Resort – In Beautiful Julian, CA


Welcome to KQ Ranch RV Camping Resort in Julian, California. This secluded 5-star RV and camping resort is located just 40 miles east of San Diego. Only 4 …


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4 Responses to “KQ Ranch Resort – In Beautiful Julian, CA”

  1. ur mom says:

    i love it there

  2. ur mom says:

    the staff is great

  3. Road Wonder says:

    Julian also has an old one room schoo house.

  4. Gracie G. says:

    When I was on the phone with them since I got a letter from them, I got a very sketchy feeling. The man kept asking my name after numerous times of saying I don’t want to tell them since the letter was for my dad. They were kept telling me that I was “tripping” and I was harassed multiple times for sounding very young. I will not be attending the free stay at there camp ground. I understand that they were very nice to give this to me but it was very sketchy.

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